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Klingenfuss 2010 Super Frequency

Klingenfuss 2010 Super Frequency List: A Comprehensive Guide to HF Communication

If you are interested in shortwave radio, you may have heard of the Klingenfuss 2010 Super Frequency List. This is a CD-ROM that contains a wealth of information about all shortwave broadcast stations and professional utility radio stations from 0 to 30 MHz, compiled by top experts in this field. It also includes more than one thousand digital data decoder screenshots and a powerful concurrent full text word search feature. In this article, we will review some of the main features and benefits of this CD-ROM, and how it can help you explore the fascinating world of high frequency communication.

Broadcast Database

The broadcast database on the CD-ROM contains 4,190 entries with the latest schedules of all clandestine, domestic and international broadcasting services on shortwave. You can browse through the entries by frequency, country, station name, language, or time. You can also use the concurrent full text word search feature (function key F9) to find specific entries based on keywords. For example, if you enter "bbc en", you will get 69 entries with all British Broadcasting Corporation frequencies worldwide broadcasting in English. If you enter "drm", you will get 75 transmissions with the interesting Digital Radio Mondiale technique. If you like exotic languages, "tb" gives you 115 entries with all programmes worldwide in Tibetan. The database also shows the transmitter location, target area, and signal strength for each entry.


Utility Database

The utility database on the CD-ROM contains 9,307 special frequencies from the international bestseller 2023/2024 Guide to Utility Radio Stations. These are frequencies used by various professional services such as aeronautical, maritime, military, diplomatic, meteorological, and others. The database also includes 930 abbreviations and 24,079 formerly active frequencies. You can search for specific frequencies, countries, stations, languages, call signs, and times as well. For example, if you enter "air", you will get more than 2,000 entries with all data and voice frequencies of the Aeronautical Mobile Service worldwide. If you enter "ale usaf", you will get 172 entries with all United States Air Force stations using the Automatic Link Establishment digital data system. The database also provides information on the mode, modulation, bandwidth, and encryption of each transmission.

Digital Data Decoder Screenshots

The CD-ROM also includes more than one thousand digital data decoder screenshots from stations all over the world. These are images captured by professional equipment such as PROCITEC GO2MONITOR that can decode various digital modes such as RTTY, PSK31, HFDL, STANAG 4285, ALE400, and many more. You can view these screenshots to see how different stations communicate using digital data transmission. You can also compare them with your own reception and decoding software to improve your skills and knowledge.


The Klingenfuss 2010 Super Frequency List is a comprehensive guide to HF communication that can help you discover new stations, modes, and languages on shortwave radio. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in HF monitoring, whether you are a beginner or an expert. You can order the CD-ROM from the official website of Klingenfuss Publications or from other online retailers. Happy listening!

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