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[S3E1] A Death In The Family


[S3E1] A Death In The Family

Charlotte finds Cooper sitting in a hallway. She reminds him they have a waiting room with chairs. Cooper just called Violet's parents and they didn't even contemplate getting back from their vacation. Cooper is basically her only immediate family. Cooper's pager goes off, but he doesn't want to treat patients now, so the doctor on-call will have to take it. Cooper thinks he could have saved Violet if Charlotte hadn't called. Not that he blames Charlotte, but he might have had a chance. Charlotte says the only person who deserves to be blamed is Katie. Cooper says he's Violet's family. Charlotte comforts him.

In the OR, Violet is using blood faster than Addison can transfuse it in. She's bleeding from everywhere and Addison can't get her blood pressure up. They need to extend the incision to find what else is bleeding and tie that off. Dell comes and says they need answers. Addison and Naomi find out one of the mesenteric arteries is bleeding. Dell approaches and tells Violet they're all pulling for her. Addison wants him to shut up, but Naomi urges him to go on. Dell says he got Betsey back, which was hard. He didn't have a family before Betsey, except for his colleagues. Violet is his family, so she can't die on him.

Addison finds Naomi outside Violet's room. She did her best on the baby, but time will tell. Naomi says Violet's not waking up. She says Addison chose for the embolization and the antithrombin, and then left her alone in there. Addison says Naomi left her alone first. Addison did what she could. Violet and her baby are her people, her responsibility. They're not Naomi's responsibility anymore, because she quit and walked out on them. Addison has to do everything now. Addison has screwed up every relationship she's ever had and she's clearly not good at keeping friends since she screwed up with Naomi, but she is very good at surgery. That's what she has to give to her people. She was scared to death the entire time, so Naomi doesn't get to lecture her for not wanting to lose another friend. Addison feels abandoned. Naomi tells her she's not alone. They sit down on the ground. Addison says it's on her if Violet or the baby doesn't make it. Naomi says she'd never leave Addison alone. Addison breaks down and Naomi comforts her.

Sam had Pete talk to Violet about Anna's death. After a few sessions, he finally opened up that they'd had a fight the night before she died and he didn't immediately realize that she was dead when he woke up in the morning. He hated her, he admits.

The Waltons are out for a drive and they travel along the old road that is being turned into the Blue Ridge Parkway. It will be 400 miles long and connect to the Great Smokey Mountains. Zeb's brother Henry lived in these parts with his wife Martha Corrine along Blue Rock Creek. Zeb wants to stop and see if Martha Corrine and her son Boone are okay but the family wants to get back home before it gets too late. As they arrive home they find Boone and his grand-son Wade Walton waiting for them. They are there to ask there kin to help them stand against the government and the road that they want to build through their property.

While Steve struggles to digest the shocking news that his mother, who supposedly died in a car bombing some twenty years ago, is the mysterious Shelburne, Chin is on the warpath, seeking revenge for his wife's death, forcing the team into a final showdown against Frank Delano and his crew.

In Japan, Steve McGarrett struggles to come to terms with the revelation that Shelburne is his supposedly dead mother, Doris McGarrett, with Doris revealing that she was a secret agent tasked with eliminating Wo Fat's father and that Doris subsequently faked her own death to protect her family although Steve later angrily tells his mother that Wo Fat had John McGarrett killed anyway.

The episode starts out with Rick and his family sitting in a booth at an old fashioned American diner, Shoney's, talking about Rick's escape from space prison. Rick smells a rat and orders Jerry to fold himself over 12 times. "Jerry" only manages to contort himself into six folds, revealing that this is, in fact, a simulation based on Rick's memories.

Meanwhile, Morty and his family are back on Earth, which is now being run by the Galactic Federation. Jerry now works an unspecified occupation, while Beth has lost her own job due to the Federation's advanced medical knowledge. Unhappy with their current way of life, Summer decides to save Rick and digs up the portal gun buried by Rick in the backyard next to his own alternate-dimension corpse. Morty tries to dissuade Summer from doing so, but when the family's robot butler Conroy turns hostile and attempts to confiscate the portal gun, Morty transports them all to his "Cronenberg World" family, which he and Rick C-137 abandoned previously.

After they arrive, Conroy is destroyed by Jerry Smith and Summer Smith from the abandoned Cronenberged dimension. Morty and Summer join them, along with Beth Smith, in a feast of roasted Cronenberg. The cataclysm endured by this dimension affords Morty the proof to Summer that Rick does not care about anyone, especially his family. At this point, Jerry smashes the portal gun, preventing our Summer and Morty from leaving.

By the time Rick, Morty and Summer return home, Jerry is once again unemployed while Beth is simply relieved that her family is home safe and sound. Unhappy with his father-in-law's return, Jerry demands that Beth chooses between himself and Rick, leading to the two deciding on divorce.

Once Beth and Summer leave the garage, Rick reveals to Morty that he had himself captured on purpose in order to take revenge on both the Galactic Federation and Jerry for crossing him. By eliminating Jerry, Rick now takes on the role as the undisputed patriarch of the family, and Morty will be forced to continue on adventures with him as both Beth and Summer view Rick as a hero. Rick explains that all he wants out of all his plans is to get Szechuan Chicken McNugget Sauce, which was discontinued by McDonalds years ago. Understandably, Morty is visibly horrified by the revelation.

Adele seems to have willingly slept with the man she met, and there are no signs of struggle or obvious wounds. The cause of death is eventually determined as a tiny pinprick in the back of the neck, straight through to the brain. The killer must be familiar with anatomy.

Oskar finds the murderer of Adele and Mathilde behind comprehension, while Max is fascinated. He believes the killer witnessed death in his youth and found that it made the person only more beautiful; something has now brought that moment back. Max thinks the murderer sent him a letter because he wants to explain his psychosis, and so Max wants to engage with him in an attempt to prevent more women from being killed. Max gives an interview to the paper in which he says the killer is unique, hoping to draw him into more correspondence. The police chief Von Bülow, wearing a new suit, makes sure he is photographed with Max for the story.

Just outside Lincoln, Nebraska, The boys meet up with Bobby at the house of one of the latest victims, hoping to find more leads on the demon. They are surprised to find three dead rotting bodies in the middle of the living room when they enter the door. There are no traces of sulfur or any other signs of a demonic attack. If it is one, it is nothing like they've ever seen. Whilst at the house, they run into a couple of longtime hunter friends of Bobby's, Isaac and Tamara, who are working this case as well. Later at Isaac and Tamara's house, Dean gets in touch with coroner who tells him that the cause of death for the whole family was dehydration and starvation, which doesn't make any sense being that there was a fully stocked kitchen a few feet away. Isaac refuses to team up the boys since they were the ones that let the Devil's gate open up in the first place. Outside the house a young female blonde suddenly appears out of the dense fog, looking suspiciously at the house, but she doesn't enter.

Delia launches her investigation into the Pelley family murders by going back in time. Interviews with family members and close friends establish critical information that explains what led the family to Indiana in 1989.

Michael Ross: He had to make a decision of how long to sustain her because she was dying, and she was not eating and you know, and that story. And I stuck with him through that. Helped him through it. Guided him. Her family did not particularly agree with his decision, but it was his decision and he caught some flak for it.

In a rural village in Mexico, men and women crawl on their bellies up a dusty, adobe-lined desert road. A Mercedes sedan stops alongside the procession. Two men exit the car; both wear expensive suits and cowboy boots tipped with silver skulls. The men begin to crawl with the others. The procession winds to a candlelit shrine to Santa Muerte, a Mexican folk deity representing death. The two men rise to their feet. One makes an offering, while the other pins something to the shrine: a crude sketch of Heisenberg.

Meanwhile, Skyler meets with a divorce attorney who advises her that maintaining residence in the house will strengthen her position in a child custody case. Skyler explains that Walt is moving out that day. Questioned about the family's finances, Skyler momentarily freezes. "You'd be amazed what I've seen partners hide from one another," the lawyer says.

At J. P. Wynne High School, a student assembly is called to discuss the recent tragedy. Walt is visibly uncomfortable as a student describes finding the remains of a crash victim on his lawn. Noticing this, Carmen encourages Walt to express himself. He tries to assuage his guilt by telling his increasingly incredulous audience to "look on the bright side" of what happened, using the higher death toll from the Tenerife disaster to suggest that the Wayfarer crash wasn't so bad by comparison. Carmen, finding his words inappropriate, cuts his speech short. 59ce067264

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