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The effect of the blend film composition on the maximum strength of CS/PVA blend with varying weight ratio (a); Optimum composition film blend with varying mode of chemical agents (b).

The DSC curves of the samples with 5% w/w of chemical agent showed no significant shift. The DSC results ratified the results accomplished by FTIR, in which the peak types in the thermograms resulted from physical response during the film preparation. However, the incorporation of chemicals presented an increase in melting peak compared to that without chemicals, namely ΔT = 10.1 for CA-5, ΔT = 16.0 for SA-5, and ΔT = 13.8 for TEOS-5. According to Mao et al., the strong interaction between molecular chains was stably formed by electrostatic association and hydrogen bonds to render breakage and enhance compatibility of the blend film [65]. The exothermic peak was found to start at 273.8 C. The peak was ascribed to the thermal degradation of the films, which occurred at 281.1 C (CA-5), 283.3 C (SA-5), and 282.1 C (TEOS-5), respectively, suggesting that the thermal stability was considerably improved. In this case, the physical treatments that caused the improvement in molecular chain interaction between chitosan and PVA were suggested to form more stable films.

In XRD measurement, the interaction between CS and PVA molecules was shown in CS/PVA blend film ratio (75/25). The peak of PVA at 11.7 disappeared, and the peak of the CS at 20.4 slightly shifted to 21.8. The presence of PVA led to increasing crystallinity, in which the CrI of the blend films went up by 20.1%. In general, the crystalline structure was an independent variable which influenced important properties, such as mechanical strength and thermal properties [66]. This result concluded that strong interaction formed by hydrogen and ionic bonding occurred between chitosan and PVA molecules in the blend films at the composition prepared. Generally, a weak molecular interaction produced its diffraction peak for each material, expressed as heterogeneous mixed peaks in the blend films [35]. Furthermore, the diffractogram of the blend films reticulated with three types of chemicals (CA-5, SA-5, and TEOS-5) did not show any significant change in peak positions or in Crl, compared to the blend film without chemical reagent (CS/PVA).

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