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Buy Prescription Colored Contacts


Buy Prescription Colored Contacts

Looking to try new colored contact lenses So, you want to view the world through a different lens. Let's talk about finding you the best pair of colored contacts. Finding the right colored contact lenses is a lot like looking for the right eye shadow or the right tie. There are plenty of prescription colored contacts out there and you can definitely have more than one. And with our quick and easy ExpressExam, you can renew your prescription in minutes online. So adventure on with confidence, you visually-challenged Magellan.

Maybe you're looking for a daring color like purple. Or maybe you just want to enhance the color you already have with blue or green contacts. We've got prescription colored contact options for every eye. And remember, you can choose more than one pair of colored contacts.

Circle lens prescription colored contacts come in a variety of graphic diameters so your irises (the colored part) appear larger and more doll-like. Larger irises are associated with wide-eyed innocence and are desired by women around the world, particularly in Asian countries. Whether you want a small enhancement or noticeable enlargement, we can help you find just the right prescription colored contacts!We make it as easy as possible to order your colored contacts with prescription support! Just send us your current prescription (from your optometrist) and we will process your order. Our expert staff will ensure you get exactly the vision correction your doctor orders!

Need a prescription to wear contact lenses Always wanted to try our funky contact lenses Well, our range of prescription colored contact lenses allows you to wear a huge range of awesome styles catered to your very own eye prescription. When you shop online with Coloured Contacts, you can pick up both crazy costume lenses as well as your very own natural effect prescribed color contact lenses. These lenses make it possible for even more customers to enjoy an ultimate eye color transformation.

The quality of our lenses is down to the high quality of materials used, as well as the up-to-regulation manufacture of prescription colored contacts. The lenses themselves are breathable and are made from polyhema, which is a high-quality and lightweight material. The stunning designs and bright colors are achieved through strong pigments and bold lens colorings. It is this awesome pigmentation process which allows our prescription colored contact lenses to cover up dark, and even brown natural eye colors.

Putting in a pair of colored contact lenses with prescription is just as easy as a regular pair! We urge all customers to follow included instructions on both lens boxes and solution set instructions, to ensure that the lens insertion and removal is a safe and stable process. Your eye health and condition should be the pinnacle of importance so always be vigilant when it comes to creating a clean and hygienic environment. Wearing color contact lenses should be all kinds of fun, but most importantly, safe!

At Coloured Contacts, we have an exciting range of costume and natural prescription colored contact lenses. Shop top brands such as Freshlook, Air Optix, TORIColors, and Chromaview. Choose a color and design and select your prescription in order to enjoy clear vision. You can pick from a range of plus and minus corrective strengths as well as lenses for astigmatism.

Whether you are purchasing corrective or non corrective colored contacts, it is important to check that the measurements and specifications match your requirements. As a US Customer, you can do this by using our RX Checker when you complete your purchase. Providing your optician information will allow us to contact your eye doctor so that they can verify the products you have chosen are suitable for you using your current RX requirements. Plus all our lenses are FDA Approved.

Any patient that needs constant vision correction, and does not have persistent eye health issues

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