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Rush Rally 3_1.40_mod

Rush Rally 3 is the most realistic rally simulation on your mobile!-- Now supports Cross-Platform Real-Time Multiplayer --CONSOLE QUALITY RALLYING60fps racing at night or day in the rain or snow! Over 72 new and unique stages each with different surface types including snow, gravel, tarmac and dirt! Race with one of the best car dynamics models to date, including real time vehicle deformation and damage, built from over 15 years experience.WORLD RALLY RACING!Take on the new Career mode, race A-B stages over a Single Rally or grind metal to metal with other cars in Rally Cross.LIVE EVENTSCompete in weekly events against other players all over the world on a unique selection of tracks!BUILD YOUR GARAGEUpgrade, tune and customise a garage full of cars. Use the new livery editor to completely change the look of your vehicles. Buy new wheels and upgrades to make each car truly unique.COMPETE WITH FRIENDS, MULTIPLAYER AND OFFLINE!Real-Time multiplayer, Social Leaderboards and Ghost Racing allow you to race any player at anytime. See how you compare with the worlds best.OPTIMISED CONTROLS!A fully customisable control system designed specifically for touch and tilt devices means racing becomes more fun and consistent. Place the controls where you want them! Also includes full support for all MFi controllers

Rush Rally 3_1.40_mod

Tweaking and customizing your cars have never been so much fun with the Garage mode in Rush Rally 3. You can literally make hundreds of upgrades and customizations on your cars to make them more powerful as well as having a cooler look.

Rush Rally 3 is the most authentic and realistic rally simulation for your mobile! Participate in races in 60 IPS, whether night, day, rain or snow! On more than 72 new courses with new surfaces such as snow, gravel, bitumen or clay! Participate in the new career mode, ride the world, and compete against other cars, metal against metal in the Cross Rally mode. Improve, adjust and customize a garage full of cars. Use the logo editor to change the appearance of your vehicles. Buy new wheels and improvements to make every car stand out.

Rush Rally 3 is the continuation of the popular racing simulator that has won the sympathy of many players. In the game, the user will drive a cool rally car and take part in spectacular and dynamic competitions. He is waiting for new vivid impressions, a large selection of cars, complex specialized tracks and exciting gameplay. The project has a peculiar passing mechanics, well-designed animation, realistic motion physics, amazing graphics and different control methods.

At the disposal of the gamer will be a large selection of cars, specially upgraded to participate in the rally. Any model has unique characteristics that the player will experience during the competition. For every victory in Rush Rally 3, the user receives a solid reward. A well-thought-out pumping system allows you to significantly improve driving performance: reduce acceleration time, increase maximum speed, increase maneuverability and stability of the machine in different conditions. You should also personalize the design of the car.

But how is the gameplay? Well, as the title suggests, Rush Rally 3 is a rally racer, so there will be no such thing as speeding through motorways in bizarre neon-tinged vehicles. Instead, most of your time will be spent trying to cut seconds off of your best record on different tracks.

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Rush Rally 3 APK is more incredible because the game gives a high-quality 3D Graphics design. You need only 30 fps of the rush rally 3 games. A better fps means, you can play this game very smoothly. The 3D graphics designs totally make an interesting and stylish game.

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The 3D graphics have taken a jump quite large compared to the previous version, the soundtrack is now more realistic, the controls have been improved, new racetracks and cars new ones have been added among many improvements grabbing even more addictive this racing app. What are you waiting for to defeat all the drivers and become the king of the rally in Rush Rally 3 mod apk!

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