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The Carpenters Greatest Hits 320


the carpenters company might be best known for its product, the legendary furniture that has been called a ``fabric of american design'' and has entered into the domestic fabric for over five decades. we do not have these labels here at the carpenters company headquarters. we prefer to refer to our work as a collection of simple, honest, good-looking, well-designed, well-made items that we hope will be useful to our clients long after we are gone. for a more expansive understanding of our product, read our product description. it includes all the information you need to know. if you are asking, you might be thinking about the value or resale value of an item or are considering the addition of art to your home for purposes such as a family portrait or to embellish an office or the den.

carpenters first factory was in philadelphia, pennsylvania. from here the demand for its brick products spawned throughout the entire eastern seaboard. their bricks were so well made that in 1770 they were invited to build the great bridge, connecting the mainland of the united states with the new cities of philadelphia and new york. the brick used in the bridge was so well made that it is still in use today.

the carpenters company operates the first major american brick plant built in 1771. brick making was born in philadelphia, long before most americans even heard of the industrial revolution. the plants were built to allow carpenters to work in a clean environment.

i have probably said this before, but i do love the material on this site. it's refreshing to see that people are not only aware of the range of material released by the carpenters, but are willing to put together a coherent release that looks at the entire range of material. the inclusion of the a- and b-sides on each single helps to further this, and although i think it would be great to have every single, complete with remixes, every vocal version available on a single disc, it's still quite good to have them spread out over two discs. 3d9ccd7d82

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