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HYT T1 Series

Heredited standing for its fluid-mechanical timepieces, HYT celebrates its 12th everlasting nature with the launch of the T1 Series. This new collection grades an evolution in HYT’s watchmaking journey, bringing some sort of refreshing shift to the watchmaker’s aesthetic with smaller, more modern 45mm diameter timepieces.

The collection’s design philosophy is shown in its ergonomic shapes along with neoclassical color palette that resonates with contemporary trends. HYT meticulously designs these designer watches to blend form using function, making each element a statement of elegance in addition to innovation. HYT’s first T1 collection is designed to respect typically the brand’s rich tradition involving challenging horological norms, and also embrace a forward-looking standpoint. The collection’s dedication for you to technical excellence is mirrored in the complex fluidic process, a hallmark of HYT development, now presented in a smaller sized case.

“It is in HYT’s GENETIC MATERIAL to always question the self-sabotage and ‘challenge the norm’. In our motto, you will find the heart of boldness and creativity that defines HYT in its core. For example , the Conical Tourbillon collection, which has encouraged a growing demand for innovation as well as watchmaking excellence, is a best example of HYT’s masterful running of tradition and the avant-garde, ” said Vahé Vartzbed, General Manager of HYT.

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