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Henry Taylor

Movies With Full Jungle Ki Chandni ^NEW^

Chandni received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, with many critics highlighting the film's impact in being instrumental in bringing an end to an era of violent action movies in Indian cinema and rejuvenating the romantic musical genre. According to iDiva, Chandni was "more an event and less a movie. Even as its shooting rolled on the sets, the film was a constant subject of discussion in the press."[7] Chandni emerged as one of the biggest blockbusters of 1989,[8] with The Hindu stating that "the film opened to full houses and distributors had to drastically increase the number of theatres."'[9] It was cited by Times of India as "one of the most-watched films of Indian Cinema."[10] Hindustan Times featured the movie in its list of 'Yash Chopra's Greatest Hits' saying "it was instrumental in ending the era of violence in Bollywood and bringing back the romance into Hindi films."

movies with full Jungle Ki Chandni

Of course, there are movies being made. But they are more like wasting one's valuable time to watch a movie and bear the insolence of a bunch of uncivilised people (?!) at the hall. Just the other day, my parents suddenly told me to get ready as we were to go to a cinema hall (Garrison cinema hall inside the Dhaka Cantonment) to watch a Bengali movie. First, I thought it would be something like "Matir Moyna" or "Srabon Megher Diney" but the moment I heard it was "moner majhey tumi", I was absolutely dumped! I was like "ammu are u OK? are we gonna watch "Moner Majhey Tumi" by Riaz and Purnima? No way, I aint going there, sorry!" But later I went. It was a watchable movie than what I saw on TV. But, I hate to say it, but I simply HATED the crowd. During the national anthem, not a single person stood up except for the members of my family. I couldn't believe it! My parents always taught me to stand up to show respect when the national flag is being shown along with national anthem being played. Then, oh my god, the screaming and shoutings - they belonged in the jungle. I swear! One of my cousins, Sayeed, doesn't even know what a cinema hall is. He has a DVD player in house and watches movies on them. The other day I asked him: "Sayeed, do know what a cinema hall looks like?" He replied: "Uummm, appi, what is a hall?" So then I described a cinema hall to him and he was quite fascinated at thinking about such a gigantic 'TV' and such a big 'drawing-room' with sooo many seats. And he also asked me whether people would try to steal things in the darkness or kidnap children. I felt pity for him. Actually there many like him. And its actually not their fault. I blame the entire thing on the faltu and uninteresting Bangladeshi directors and producers. What do they think of themselves?

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