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Povratak Otpisanih: A Classic Yugoslav War Film

Povratak Otpisanih: A Classic Yugoslav War Film

Povratak Otpisanih (The Return of the Written-Off) is a 1976 Yugoslav war film directed by Aleksandar Djordjevic and starring Dragan Nikolic, Voja Brajovic, Rade Markovic and others. It is a sequel to the popular TV series Otpisani (The Written-Off), which aired from 1974 to 1975.



The film follows the adventures of Prle and Tihi, two young but experienced partisan fighters, who together with Joca, an old and cranky radio operator, get a mission to infiltrate Belgrade, which is still under German occupation in 1944. They have to face Gestapo and Special Police, who have been hunting them since 1941.

Povratak Otpisanih is a classic example of Yugoslav partisan cinema, which glorified the resistance movement against Nazi fascism during World War II. The film combines action, comedy, romance and drama, and features memorable characters, dialogues and music. It was a huge box office hit and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

If you are interested in watching Povratak Otpisanih, you can find it online on various platforms. Here are some of the links where you can download or stream the film:

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The film features a talented cast of actors, who reprised their roles from the TV series. Pavle Vuisic plays Joca, the grumpy but loyal radio operator, who provides comic relief and guidance to the younger partisans. Dragan Nikolic plays Prle, the charismatic and daring leader of the group, who is also a ladies' man and a master of disguise. Vojislav 'Voja' Brajovic plays Tihi, Prle's best friend and partner in crime, who is more cautious and rational than Prle, but also brave and resourceful. Zlata Petkovic plays Vera, a beautiful and courageous nurse, who falls in love with Prle and joins his mission. Rade Markovic plays Major Todorovic, the