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Shantaram - Season 1

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Shantaram is an American drama thriller television series created by Eric Warren Singer and Steve Lightfoot, based on the novel of the same name by Gregory David Roberts.[1] The story drew inspiration from Roberts' own life, which is about a bank robber from Australia who flees the country to India. The series will consist of twelve episodes directed by Bharat Nalluri, Iain B. MacDonald and Bronwen Hughes. Steve Lightfoot joined as showrunner after Eric Warren Singer departed the project. It is produced by Fair Honest Positive Creative, The 4 Keys, Bohemian Risk Productions, Square Head Productions, Anonymous Content and Paramount Television Studios and was distributed by Apple Inc. for their streaming service, Apple TV+. The series premiered on 14 October, 2022 and concluded on 16 December, 2022.[2] In December 2022, the series was cancelled after one season.[3]

Charlie Hunnam wants to know what happens to his character Lin Ford after Shantaram's brutal season 1 finale cliffhanger just as much as you do. But it might be a while until we find out what happens next, because the star/producer of Apple TV+'s drama doesn't have any news to share on whether or not the adaptation of Gregory David Roberts' 2003 international best-selling novel will return for a second season (Shantaram was canceled after this interview was conducted).

The season 1 finale almost ended with Lin getting his happy ending with Karla (Antonia Desplat) after surviving the bloody gang war and evading Nightingale (David Field). They planned to leave the city together after finally confessing their love for each other, but when Lin arrived at the train station to meet up with Karla, he was caught and taken to a dark cell. The finale closes on a shot of Lin being violently beaten while tied up in the cell as Karla cries on the train, thinking Lin changed his mind and didn't want to leave with her.

I had a really wonderful, deep collaboration with Steve Lightfoot, our showrunner. That was really his decision, but thankfully he was very eager to get my insights in how I felt about some of the decisions he was making. We both knew the novel so well and we talked a lot about allowing the novel to dictate the moves that we were making. The point that we reached by the end of the first season, it just felt, the more we read it and discussed it, like the obvious point to end this chapter of the story. Lin going from incarceration to, presumably, back into incarceration felt like a very elegant arc for the first season and hopefully a fairly dynamic point to start the second season, if I'm lucky enough to go back for a second season.

This is no indication of decisions that have been made, but my sense is that, through the course of the first season, Lin goes from being a fairly normal, average person who's at the mercy of the forces around him. Though he has a sense of who he is, it's not like a classic hero on a hero's journey where he's full of agency and a sense of conviction of what he wants with his life. He's more leaf in the wind being blown this way and that. My sense is, by the end of season 1, he is no longer willing to be just completely vulnerable to the forces around him, that instead he is going to march to the beat of his own drum and decide that the chips fall where they may.

So listen, your guess is as good as mine. My hope would be that they feel as though the show is good enough to justify another season. But honestly, I've got no f---ing idea. I am not privy to those conversations in any way, shape, or form.

You've been very open about how long and difficult the journey was to make Shantaram, and how grueling the production process was both emotionally and physically. You also recently revealed the laundry list of health issues you had while filming, and the injury you sustained on Zack Snyder's upcoming film. How are you doing health-wise now and how has that affected your plans for future projects, including a second season of Shantaram

He is the narrator of the story but a seemingly powerless figure. Criminal overlords way above him in the food chain like Khaderbhai and Walidbhai dictate the pace of events. He innocuously gets dragged into their mess but his bravery is admirable, albeit too whitewashed. Lin is too morally soft in some areas, making it a big point of contention. Yet, Shantaram proposes an indelible scheme that fizzles out midway through the season.

The problem with the lack of excitement stems from the treatment of the plot. There appears to be some confusion in the minds of makers on how to optimize the potential of their universe. That ends up making some scenes and interactions between characters feel very repetitive and redundant. Shubham Saraf is another standout with Hunnam, acting-wise. Other members of the ensemble are not given the same attention to become more than just the supporting cast in season 1.

There are many reasons why a particular series doesn't get the traction it needs to continue on to multiple seasons. The story line may have been too complicated to follow by North Americans or, it could also be Apple's determination to kill the flow of a deep story into weekly installments.

"Shantaram" joins other nixed Apple TV+ content, such as "Little Voice" which was also cancelled after one season in 2021. A songwriting drama produced by J.J. Abrams and Sara Bareilles, that series told the story of a musician navigating the New York City music scene while coping with life. 59ce067264

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