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time:matters offers you the rail courier service in exclusive cooperation with Deutsche Bahn. You can send your urgent shipment easily, inexpensively and as fast as lightning. And you can do so several times a day, depending on the route and timetable, via the rail network of the Deutsche Bahn. The ic:kurier network serves more than 100 railway stations in Germany, whether from Berlin to Hamburg or from Leipzig to Munich.


Thanks to constant shipment monitoring, we can always actively inform you about the progress of your shipment and react quickly in the event of unexpected incidents. No matter what you want to send: With the ic:kurier service, we also solve your individual logistic challenge. Simply send documents, spare parts, biological samples or forgotten keys, musical instruments and laptop bags by rail.

DPMAkurier is an alert service which you can use to monitor IP rights. You will receive the results through automated e-mails. DPMAkurier is based on our DPMAregister online service which contains statutory publications and register data. After registration prior to first-time use, you will regularly receive information on new publications and changes in DPMAregister. The e-mails containing such information will be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the selected monitoring cycle. As for patents and utility models, you can additionally select which information concerning a specific file number you wish to receive (e.g. revocation proceedings, examination procedure).The e-mail will contain information on the results or changes to the register as well as a link to the relevant data record in DPMAregister.

If you subscribe to the Patent Gazette (Patentblatt), the Trade Mark Journal (Markenblatt) and/or the Design Gazette (Designblatt), you will regularly receive a link to the complete issues or individual parts of the gazettes/journals in PDF format.FeesYou can use DPMAkurier free of charge.

About Kurier. Kurier is a pioneer in technology and legal intelligence solutions in the Brazilian market. The company serves over 1,700 clients, including seven of the ten largest law firms in Brazil. Customers also include legal departments of large companies and the main credit bureaus in the country. Transforming the market through data, systems and legal intelligence, Kurier provides operational efficiency and an analytical approach, optimizing time and information management for better decision making. For more information, visit:

In the first phase of our #BeatTheVirus campaign, we asked people how they were spending their time at home. We also promoted our ePaper as a free download and our 24/7 COVID-19 reporting on

Oferujemy najniższe ceny na paczki standardowe na rynku irlandzkim a ceny pozostałych oferowanych przez nas usług również są jednymi z najniszych. Sprawdź ceny swojego kuriera i przestań przepłacać!

Paczka monitorowana jest od chwili przyjęcia, a więc już odbioru przez kuriera, aż do momentu dostarczenia jej do adresata. W dowolnej chwili masz możliwość sprawdzenia, co się z nią dzieje i w jakim miejscu się znajduje.

Niestety nie ma możliwości umówienia się z kurierem na dogodną godzinę, kurier zadzwoni wcześniej przed odbiorem czy dostawą, dodatkowo w przypadku dostawy podamy wcześniej przedział czasowy od 1h do 3h kiedy należy spodziewać się kuriera.... 041b061a72

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