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Cracked Meet N Fuck Games !FULL!


Tibby is an up-and-coming drug lord looking for his place in the crime scene. Hearing rumors of Rhythm Detroit and its notorious drug scene, he decides to start there. He starts at the Gateway where he meets Saffron, who initiates him into his gang. They quickly see potential for great profits in selling drugs and set off for the Inner City to expand their drug empire. There, they are assaulted by Boondog, an alcoholic down on his luck. They placate him with moonshine that has an alcohol concentration equal to your score on the remix. On their way to the Back Streets they catch a LOUD whiff of marijuana and decide to investigate. This leads them to Trey's greenhouse, where he is laying on the ground baked as fuck. They steal some of his weed and, by enchanting it with Flow, convince him to buy it back from them. They continue down the street and come across a homeless Donna, who is screaming at random pedestrians about "Sprinkles". They ask Donna if they're in need of a supplier, and are met with a vacant stare followed by a violent nosebleed. They prepare a mixture of pure cocaine and Flow, and gain a new regular customer. Venturing further into the city, they come across a homeless shelter with a strange aura. Pushing past the mob of angry homeless people, they eventually reach the kitchen where Shep has set up an impressive meth lab. Shep is a sadistic dickhead who likes spiking homeless people with meth and watching them stagger around, but is worried that he will run out of supply. Tibby hooks him up by enhancing the meth cooking process with Flow, starting a business relationship that will benefit them both. They leave the shelter and head down a long, dark alleyway. Suddenly, Hairold jumps at them from the darkness, brandishing a pair of shears. He threatens to cut our protagonists' throats if they don't give him all of their Flow. Out of options, they give up their entire supply, and are left fat, nasty, and broke. 1e1e36bf2d

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