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Leading Digital: Turning Technology Into Busine...


Leading Digital is an excellent account on how businesses can transform into more profitable and viable sources of value using modern technology. It provides a vivid picture on how different types of firms face the disruptive changes across their respective industries.

Description: Why do so many digital transformations fail According to Tony Saldanha, former vice president for IT and shared services at Procter & Gamble, it's not a result of the aimed-for innovation per se or the technology; instead, it's a lack of clear, defined goals and a disciplined process. Saldanha dives into how business leaders can go from simply automating business processes to making digital technology the foundation of an organization through a five-stage process. He also identifies the two disciplines that are vital to digital success and includes a checklist of questions to keep leaders on the right path forward.

Museums can create new possibilities by turning walls into digital displays. With a digital display, the museum can showcase all of their collections and provide rich information, as well as create new backdrops, or tailor information and tours for their customers. 59ce067264

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