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The liquor store (series 9) license is a "quota" license available only through the Arizona Liquor License Lottery or for purchase on the open market. When you have identified a liquor store (series 9) license for sale on the open market, your application will need to include The Arizona Statement of Citizenship and Alien Status For State Public Benefits Form (AKA Aliens Status Form). Beginning April 1, 2009, this Federal- and State-required form must be completed by;

The liquor store (series 9) license is a "quota" license available only through the Arizona Liquor License Lotteryor for purchase on the open market. Once issued, the liquor store (series 9) license allows a spirituous liquor store retailer to sell all spirituous liquors, only in the original unbroken package, to be taken away from the premises of the retailer and consumed off the premises (off-sale). A retail licensee with off-sale privileges may deliver spirituous liquor off of the licensed premises in connection with a retail sale. Payment must be made no later than the time of delivery.

Series 9 (liquor store) license applicants may apply for unlimited sampling privileges by completing the Sampling Privileges form. The Sampling Privileges form will require approval from local governing bodies; therefore the 105 day issuance timeframe will apply. Upon approval of Sampling Privileges, a new license with a "series 9S" designation will be issued to the licensee for display in a conspicuous, public area. The "series 9S" sampling privileges are not transferrable. Upon owner or location transfer of a series 9 (liquor store) license, all sampling privileges cease and the new owner of the series 9 (liquor store) license must apply for sampling privileges. "Series 9S" (liquor store with sampling privileges) licensees are required to comply with sampling regulations detailed in A.R.S.Â4-206.01(J), 1 - 8. All other sampling may be conducted upon approval of a DLLC Sampling Request form, and compliance with A.R.S.Â4-243(B) and R19-1-228 is required. Reference A.R.S.Â4-206.01(J)

This year, however, an incremental upgrade is more likely to materialize, considering Apple shook up its smartwatch lineup last year with the introduction of the luxurious Apple Watch Ultra and the second-gen Apple Watch SE. Currently, there are few rumors to run with for the Watch Series 9 (unlike for the iPhone 15 series), but we'll be sure to update this article as we get a whiff of any credible buzz.

Apple has released a new generation of the Apple Watch every year since its debut. This year, unless the company breaks tradition, the Apple Watch Series 9 will likely arrive in the fall of 2023 alongside the iPhone 15 series.

We continue to recommend Series 7 shavers for most facial hair removal (and Series 9 models for handling heavier growth). Sales often make a given higher-end model less expensive than a version a notch below it. During deals events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you may be able to find a higher-series model at a lower-series-like price.

As is often the case in our first example we have a candidate who has conducted almost no option business, other than the occasional covered call during their 10 year career. This candidate had passed the series 10 but had not been able to get passed the Series 9, missing by 4 points. Debit and credit spreads had not even been looked at since she passed her series 7 almost 10 years earlier. Index options, currency options and options on Treasuries were also foreign concepts.

A producing manager of an OSJ at a non NYSE member firm had accepted a position at an NYSE member firm to manager one of their OSJs. The candidate was now required to pass the Series 9 & 10 exams. Becoming fully registered in 60 days was a condition of accepting the new job. It took the candidate 5 weeks to pass the series 10 and he and not even opened the book for the Series 9. With little time to dedicate to the exam, as he was busy adjusting to the new position and still dealing with ACATs coming over, he needed to be walked through the text to keep him on track and to get him ready to pass the exam on time.

Robot Wars: Series 9 (also referred to as Season 9) aired in early 2017, returning to the Glasgow arena used in the previous series. The series was again hosted by Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon, with commentary from Jonathan Pearce, also featuring the same Judges and House Robots as Series 8.

Applications for competing teams closed on 21 October. The series was filmed in one block from 2 December to 7 December 2016[3]. The filming block included 2016's Christmas Specials, Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars, and the main series, airing at a later date.