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They certainly disliked the term, which all of them scorned as a crass way of promoting their work. Tony Harrison (1947--) made a film of the same name in 1988 and the term was revived for the new generation of angry young British filmmakers. By then, the hostile reception of the term was no longer a surprise.

The Angry Young Men figure prominently in the plays of J.B. Priestley (An Uncertain Feeling 1950), Harold Pinter's The Dumbest events in History (1965), and other writers on their left wing such as Russell Hoban, Vernon Watkins, and Martin Bell.

The phrase was used with reference to a group of young writers who gathered in 1950 to write a manifesto in defence of the bourgeois "publishing trade" and the unchallenged preeminence of that trade in the life of the writer. The declaration, not published until five years later, was called "I am Somebody, and I Do Fucking Well What I Want to Do". ("You are somebody when you are the Nobody, and you do well what you want to do")

Although it was not published, the manifesto was widely believed to have been written and signed by Kingsley Amis and John Osborne, who attributed it to the whole group and the two authors should be acknowledged as the primary instigators of the movement. The manifesto deals with the obligation of the career writer to do well financially, and to support his publishers and publicists and remain at their beck and call. It is a watershed document because it states in clear terms that the career in the writing business does not conform to reality. It declaims against much of the power exercised by the publishing world, which includes the high fees paid to writers, and the market power of the book trade in general. d2c66b5586

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