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How to Search Browning Guns by Serial Number

How to Search Browning Guns by Serial Number

If you own a Browning firearm, you might be curious about its history and value. One of the easiest ways to find out more about your gun is to search for its serial number. The serial number is a unique identifier that can tell you when and where your gun was made, what model it is, and other important information. In this article, we will show you how to search Browning guns by serial number and what you can learn from it.

search browning guns by serial number

What Is a Serial Number?

A serial number is a series of letters and numbers that is stamped or engraved on a firearm. It serves as a way to track the production and distribution of the gun, as well as to prevent theft and illegal use. Serial numbers are also useful for collectors and enthusiasts who want to know more about the history and specifications of their firearms.

Where Can I Find the Serial Number on My Browning Gun?

The location of the serial number on your Browning gun depends on the type and model of your firearm. Some common places where you can find the serial number are:

  • The barrel or receiver of your rifle or shotgun

  • The slide or frame of your pistol

  • The buttstock or grip of your firearm

You may need to remove some parts of your gun, such as the magazine or bolt, to access the serial number. You should always make sure that your gun is unloaded and safe before handling it. You should also refer to your owner's manual for more details on how to find your serial number. You can find most owner's manuals online on the Browning website.

How to Search Browning Guns by Serial Number?

Once you have found your serial number, you can use it to search for more information about your Browning gun. There are several ways to do this:

  • Visit the Date Your Firearm page on the Browning website. Here you can select your firearm model and enter your serial number to find out when your gun was made. You can also see a list of historical letters that are available for some models, which can provide more details about your gun's history.

  • Contact the Browning customer service department. You can call them at 800-333-3288 or email them at They can help you with any questions or issues regarding your Browning firearm, including its date of manufacture and specifications.

  • Check out some online resources that offer serial number lookup for various firearms, such as SkyAboveUs. These websites can provide you with some general information about your gun based on its serial number, such as its model name, caliber, and production year.

However, keep in mind that these online resources may not be accurate or complete, and they may not have data for all Browning models. Therefore, it is always best to verify your information with the official Browning sources.

Why Should I Search Browning Guns by Serial Number?

Searching Browning guns by serial number can help you learn more about your firearm and appreciate its value. Some of the benefits of searching Browning guns by serial number are:

  • You can discover the history and origin of your gun, such as when and where it was made, who it was shipped to, and how many others were produced like it.

  • You can identify the exact model and configuration of your gun, such as its caliber, barrel length, stock type, finish, and accessories.

  • You can determine the current market value of your gun based on its condition, rarity, and demand.

  • You can protect your gun from theft or loss by registering it with its serial number.

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