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STALKER - Call Of Pripyat Bot Extra Quality

soProject (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Online Project) - a modification for the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat. Mod adds a multiplayer game scripting support, including ALife simulator. Returns artificial intelligence, monsters and stalkers will take part in online battles killing both players and enemy creatures.

STALKER - Call of Pripyat bot

1.0.0 beta 4- Fixed crash at contact to stalkers- Fixed crash at contact to the zombie- Spawn of tushkano- Are returned mp skins of players- Fixed crash at spawn the character of the server on team modes- Disappearance of corpses (works as well as with corpses of players) is made- Stalkers attack players (at hit in the stalker or kill one of group)- Fixed not constant crash at connection to the server- Fixed crash at server shutdown- Fixed crash of the server after recreation

The Colt M1911 appears in the game as the "Kora-919". It is relatively rare, only being able to be acquired through stashes or bought at the 100 Rads bar. A unique version with a non-removable silencer is carried by a stalker named Sparrow. It is the weakest .45 ACP handgun in the game.

The Desert Eagle Mark XIX appears in the game in two versions: the standard "Black Kite" using .45 ACP ammunition, and the unique "Big Ben" firing 9x39mm. It can be fitted with a silencer. Both variants are found in the Wild Territory near the body of Gordon Freeman, protagonist of the Half-Life series; this is an Easter egg. A second "Black Kite" is promised by Freedom stalker Max as a quest reward, but a bugged script results in him giving a Walther P99 instead. The use of .45 ACP ammunition is unrealistic, as the Desert Eagle has never been offered in that chambering, but it was probably made to simplify the game and avoiding to create a cartridge for a single gun. The version firing 9x39mm is an even more unlikely device; though big-bore pistols using rifle cartridges do exist, it is unlikely a gunsmith could convert a Desert Eagle to fire such a round and still have it look the same afterwards.

The Fort-12 appears in the game as the "Fort-12Mk2". It is used by members of the Ukrainian military and a few rookie stalkers. A unique 15-round version called the "Fort-15" is carried by an army officer, Major Kuznetsov, and is the subject of a cut item retrieval quest. It can also be fitted with a silencer.

The Makarov PB silenced pistol appears in the game as the "Noiseless pistol (PB1s)". It is used occasionally by rookie and experienced stalkers. Like the PM, the in-game PB can fire PMM ammunition. It is not very powerful, but is the first silenced weapon the player will come across.

The Makarov PM appears in the game as the "PMm". It is the most common handgun in the first half of the game, used by rookie stalkers, bandits, Ukrainian troops and low-rank Duty members. Unlike a real Soviet-vintage Makarov, the in-game PM can digest hot-loaded 9x18mm PMM ammunition with no trouble.

The Walther P99 pistol appears in the game as the "Walker P9m". It is one of the most common weapons in the Zone and is often carried by experienced stalkers of many factions. A stalker called Mole carries a unique variant firing 9x18mm Makarov ammunition, though the player can acquire it only if Mole dies during his brief appearance at the Agroprom.

The Heckler & Koch MP5A3 appears in the game as the "Viper 5". It is often used by rookie stalkers and bandits, and is depicted with the early non-curved box magazine. A unique variant firing 9x18mm ammunition can be found on the body of a dead stalker in the Garbage, while a stalker named Vampire carries a version with a permanently attached silencer. The standard MP5 is one of the few weapons which can mount the regular silencer without mods. Rather strangely, it includes single-shot, 2- and 3-round burst and full-auto firing modes, despite being modeled with a 0-1 trigger group.

The AKMSU appears in the game as the "Akm 74/2U". It is carried by stalkers, bandits, soldiers and Duty members in the early levels. A stalker called Bes carries a unique silenced version. While in-game it fires 5.45x39mm ammo, it is modeled with a stamped steel 7.62x39mm magazine. Also noteworthy is that it has a polymer fore-end in gameplay, while in the pre-rendered cutscenes the player character is seen firing one with wooden furniture.

The AKS-74 appears in the game as the "Akm 74/2". It is the most common assault rifle in the game, being used by Ukrainian soldiers, Mercenary snipers, experienced stalkers, members of the Duty faction and occasionally members of the Monolith faction. It can be fitted with a silencer, a PSO-1 scope and a GP-25 grenade launcher. It has a strange green handguard with vents exposing the gas tube (though these vents are quite clearly a flat texture) and Bulgarian "waffle" magazine. A unique variant with a boosted rate of fire, reduced recoil, and increased durability can be found in Strelok's hideout in the Agroprom Underground.

The AN-94 appears as the "Obokan", but is also referred to as the "ON-94" in the description of the armour-piercing 5.45 rounds. It is often carried by members of the Duty faction, by Monolith troops and by Ukrainian Spetsnaz. It cannot be fitted with a grenade launcher, but it can mount a PSO-1 scope. A version with a grenade launcher is carried by a bandit named Friar and is the target of a quest. Another variant with a permanently mounted scope is carried by a stalker called Oleg "Fiend" Gusarov.

The Enfield L85A1 appears in the game as the "IL 86". It is described in-game as appearing on the black market after being retired by the British military, and is one of the more common NATO rifles. True to its reputation, it is very unreliable, jamming frequently and deteriorating faster than other rifles. It cannot be fitted with a grenade launcher in the unmodified game, despite the claims of its inventory text, but is fitted with a 4x SUSAT scope. Two unique variants are carried by expert stalkers Scarecrow and Master, having reduced recoil and the other a suppressor, respectively. The weapon is shown with the muzzle cover attached. Its inventory icon is of an L85A2, as noted by the bolt handle.

The Maverick Model 88 appears as the "Chaser 13". It is common in the later parts of the game, unlike the SPAS-12. The "Combat Chaser", a unique variant which does more damage at the expense of magazine capacity, is carried by a master Stalker called Father Diodor. The developers seem to have confused the Maverick 88 with the Winchester 1300, as this shotgun is internally given the misspelled name "wpn_wincheaster1300", and its in-game name is also derived from the Winchester 1300. The Winchester label is sometimes erroneously retained by end-user mods correcting the fake weapon names.

The most common shotgun in the game is a sawn-off TOZ-66. It is frequently used by rookie stalkers, bandits, and, on one occasion, Duty. Like the other shotguns in the game, it can fire shot, slug and dart ammunition. The game's English translation often refers to shotguns as "rifles", making one mission involving this weapon extremely confusing. The description for the shotgun describes it as a sawn-off version of the "BM 17", which is an obfuscated version of its internal name, "wpn_bm16"; this name likely originates from the TOZ-BM, of which 16 gauge was the most common chambering. A full-length version was present in alpha builds of the game.

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