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Autodata 3.17 Po Polsku

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Autodata 3.17 Po Polsku

All the necessary tools you need for accurate, hand-held measurement are integrated in the scanner. The scanner's built-in laser range finder, LRF 2000, reliably calculates the distance between the scanner and the point being measured. This ensures the highest accuracy even for the most demanding measurement tasks. The low-detect range indicates the best precision and accuracy and meets the demands of global mapping applications.

Leica Scan Station C10 is the perfect scanner for all your demanding measurement tasks. The wide price range of the survey and mapping equipment provides an affordable portfolio of options for your requirements. Leica's engineers assisted by professional development for more than 40 years at the Leica headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany. With consistent improvements and guaranteed service from Leica, you receive a high quality product of premium quality. Whether you require the best, most accurate data for your enterprise or need cost-efficient and effective scanning solutions for your adventures, Leica Scan Station C10 is the perfect investment.

Since the 5th of May 2013 eight new (gamma) versions are available: cary100, cary50, cary400, cary300, cary100win, cary300win, cary400win and cary500win. These versions are the ones of the cary18n generation. For most of the cary versions, the API code has been modified: the old path /Version is no longer used (except for cary300 when -API is specified) and the versions of the API are given by appending 'win' or 'n' after the existing version number. The standard cary WinUV application user interface is retained.

The new versions cary100 and cary400 are for the cary1, 3, 4, 5, 100, 300, 400 and 500, the new versions cary50 and cary300 are for the cary50 and 300 WinUV Software, the new versions cary50win, cary500win, cary100win, cary300win, cary400win and cary300win are for the cary 50, 100, 300, 400, 500 WinUV Software. There are also cary1.5, cary3.5 and cary4.5 versions for the cary50 WinUV Software, which differs from the cary50 in that the software is shipped with a licence always active. Since the cary500 WinUV Software can also be used in the cary1, 3, 4, 5 generations, there is also the cary5000 WinUV Software, which differs from the cary500 in that the software is shipped always with a licence active (according to our official definitions). All these products are available in the official website of cary, the world leading manufacturer of spectral analyzers for the biological, biochemical and biomedical industries. d2c66b5586

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