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Where Can I Buy Black Lava Rock

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Volcanic Lava Rock is very porous and weighs less than half that of other landscape materials making it easy to transport and spread. Lava Rock insulates the soil from heat and cold. Studies show that lava rock is more effective in retaining moisture in topsoil, than wood mulch products. It helps better regulate moisture in the ground and will not rot, decay or be subject to color fade like wood mulches, making it a permanent mulch replacement. Local and Nationwide delivery available 6 days a week.

Description: Black lava rock is popular in walk ways and garden paths. Can be used for increased drainage in potted plants. Lava Rock is ideal for retaining moisture around shrubs, flowers, and other decorative plants.

Material: Lava rockSize: 4" to 6"Color: Brown to blackWeight: 10 Lbs.Est. Arrival: This product qualifies for same day shipping*. Click here for more details.

From our Lava Rock Collection, it measures on average 3" - 6" and is used as an accessory to our Fire Glass or fire pit. We recommend using Lava rock as a filler if you have a deep fireplace or firepit. For a complete design, add Fire Glass on top to cover the fire rock thoroughly so it will not be detectable. We currently offer lava rock in 10 lb. bags, which is equal size to 20 lbs. of Fire Glass. Because lava rock is economical, it is the perfect choice .... View More Product Details Shipping & Delivery Free shipping on all order over $199 throughout the contiguous U.S. Delivery times will be calculated at checkout .Note: We do not ship to P.O.boxes.

Lava rock is available in three colors; reddish-brown, black, and gray. The minerals present in the rock and the cooling process determine its color. The reddish-brown tint appears only if the iron in the lava begins to oxidize when it is cooling down.

Volcanic rocks are primarily categorized into two main categories, the felsic rock, and the mafic rocks. The difference is dictated by their composition. Felsic rocks are rich in silicon and aluminum minerals, whereas mafic rocks comprise of iron and magnesium.

For those with a semi sloped garden, using lava rock as mulch can do wonders. It is one of the most effective ways of preventing soil erosion while maintaining optimal soil health and promoting natural growth, except for weeds.

Three steps are all it takes to add volcanic rocks as mulch for your garden. You can get creative and use different colors for different areas. You can even use a mix of red, grey, and black to undermine the brightness of the red that many find awkward. It also adds a natural, earthy look to the yard.

You can, however, avoid the harmful side effects by opting for stone, lava rock, or gravel. They offer the perfect low maintenance and environment-friendly mulch option. They also add beautiful textures to the yard, which makes them even more appealing.

Your herb garden makes for another amazing area for lava rocks. Herb growing and picking can become tiresome with loose soil. You have to maintain it regularly to ensure the soil does not clog together, preventing nutrients from seeping in.

However, it is not suitable for use in kitchen gardens that grow a variety of vegetables and fruits. Such gardens require regular soil aeration and fertilization. They are also replanted quite frequently, and using lava rocks as garden mulch in these areas is not ideal.

15x15x15mm Black Lava Rock Top Drilled Trillion Focal Pendant is a lightly waxed Set of 6 beads. These wonderfully smooth lava rock triangles have a rounded tip on the calibrated shape. These beads can be used to absorb essential oils. 2mm drill hole

Firegear FG-LAVA-40 Black Lava Rock, 40 pounds provides a natural appearance for your gas fire pit project. This 40-pound bag of lava