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Rosewill Rnxg1w Driver For Mac

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Please note that if a piece of hardware was working with a previous openSUSE release, it is likely it will work with the most recent openSUSE release if it is based on a chipset with free software drivers (and firmware if required). However, there is no guarantee the current release did not somehow cause a problem with the driver or configuration for that piece of hardware. When updating the HCL, please do check that the hardware continues to work as expected for the most recent release. Information about updating this HCL can be found at the end of this page.

If you are here because you have experienced a problem with your wireless card after upgrading you may want to consider replacing the card rather than trying to get it to work using a program like NDISWrapper. Many wireless cards depend on non-free drivers. Non-free drivers can't be supported by the free software community because manufacturers have refused to release the source code. This can cause problems for users as previously the manufacturers supported the card.

Before adding entries to this HCL or search for helps in case your wireless adapter does not work correctly, it is very important to first find out some basic information about your wireless adapter. The most important ones are the chipset, hardware / PCI ID, and the driver currently in use. Note that the chipset is what determines which driver you need, not the manufacturer of the card. Here are a number of ways to find out. All the commands should be run as root.

It will output quite a bit of information about the wireless adapter. Carefully note down the Vendor, Device (usually is your chipset), revision, bus type, driver in use and any other helpful information.

This table list cards with known chipsets. Note that the driver that you need depends on the chipset and not the make of the card. Please do not add compatibility info here, instead add to the chipset section.

Yast2 uses module ath_pci. Works with openSUSE 11.0 after installing madwifi (tested with madwifi- and WG311-T card). WG311-T works straight away using the ath5k kernel driver in 11.1. Better performance after installing madwifi. 1e1e36bf2d

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