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Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor

The Ultimate Guide to Exif Pilot Batch Editing Plugin and Its Crack

Have you ever forgotten to set the date/time on your digital camera beforetaking a bunch of pictures? ExifTool has a time shift feature that makes iteasy to apply a batch fix to the timestamps of the images (eg. change the "DatePicture Taken" reported by Windows Explorer). Say for example that your cameraclock was reset to 2000:01:01 00:00:00 when you put in a new battery at2005:11:03 10:48:00. Then all of the pictures you took subsequently havetimestamps that are wrong by 5 years, 10 months, 2 days, 10 hours and 48minutes. To fix this, put all of the images in the same directory("DIR") and run exiftool:

exif pilot batch editing plugin crack

Download Zip:

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