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Kaze No Stigma Episode 1

Kaze no Stigma (風の聖痕, lit. Stigma of the Wind) is an anime series directed by Jun'ichi Sakata and produced by Gonzo.[1] They are based on the light novel series Kaze no Stigma by Takahiro Yamato, and adapt the source material over twenty-four episodes. The plot of the episodes is based on the return of Kazuma Kannagi to Japan after being exiled by his clan, and his subsequent interactions with his clan.

Kaze no Stigma Episode 1

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The series aired from April 2007 to September 2007 in Japan on thirteen networks, with Chiba TV, Fukui TV, Tokyo MX TV, TV Hokkaido, and TV Saitama airing the episodes first on 11 April 2007.[1] The remaining networks began airing the episodes later in May, with the exception of Kumamoto Broadcasting, which broadcast the first episode on 14 May 2007.[1]

Four pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; one opening theme and three ending themes. The opening theme is "blast of wind" by Saori Kiuji. The ending themes are Kiuju's "Hitorikiri no Sora" and "Matataki no Kiwoku" by Ayumi Fujimura, Yuka Inokuchi and Shizuka Itō, with either played for all episodes save episode twelve, which features Sakai Tanako's "Tsuki Hana no Inori." A single for "blast of wind" was released on 30 May 2007, and a single for the closing themes was released on 18 August 2007.[3][4]

Gonzo's Kaze no Stigma animated TV series aired on Japanese broadcasting channels between April 12, 2007 and September 21, 2007, containing twenty-four episodes; it aired in a late night slot. The series was directed by Junichi Sakata. The first DVD release of Kaze no Stigma was released on August 24, 2007. It was released by Funimation in 2009 starting with part 1.[2] The anime's opening theme is "Blast of Wind" performed by Saori Kiuji, lyrics by Chiaki Ishikawa and Mitsuko Komuro, composed by Kazumi Mitome and Akino Arai. The first ending theme is "Hitorikiri no Sora" by Saori Kiuji and the second ending theme is "Matataki no Kiwoku" (瞬きのキヲク) by Ayumi Fujimura, Yuka Inokuchi and Shizuka Itō. 041b061a72

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