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17. It's In The Cards, Part 1

Tori and her friends, who are interested in the "Number" cards, plus Astral, form the "Super Secret Number Card Investigation Club". To get more info about the "Numbers", they visit the home of a fortuneteller, but the fortuneteller is under the orders of Kite to collect the Number Cards! When the fortuneteller, Fortuno, kidnaps Tori and the rest, Yuma and Astral come to the rescue, but the memory of their Duel with Kite comes back, the visions of which continue to haunt them!

17. It's in the Cards, Part 1


That night, Fortuno sits in his mansion in the room he Dueled in previously. He calls out to "Master Kite" and lays down the "Shock Master" card, claiming this is the new power of the "Numbers". As Kite chose him, Fortuno claims he'll humbly offer all he has to Kite. Still in his throne, Kite says nothing, his eyes glowing blue. Laying out a circle of cards, Fortuno flips over two of them - "Stray Lambs" and "Reaper of the Cards". He claims its clear to him - he can see the next stray lamb, or person who has "Numbers" approaching. A dark aura envelops Fortuno and and his eyes glow blue as he laughs and stares at another card - "Number 11: Big Eye".

Fortuno leads the group through his mansion, past paintings and suits of armor and down a flight of stairs. They arrive in the room Fortuno had spoken with Kite in earlier. Fortuno says he can see it now - they are researching something. Tori wonders how he could know that. Fortuno insists that he knows all - the thing they are researching is very near. A purple orb of swirling energy manifests in his hands and he says the thing is very thin - it must be a card. The group gasps and he continues that it's a special sort of card. This card is a Duel Monsters card with great power. Finally, he determines its the "Numbers". Bronk says this is impossible - no one mentioned those cards to him. Caswell asks if there is a flipside to this. Flip angrily claims that something on the flip side already cannot have a flipside. Tori moves forward and asks Fortuno what the "Numbers" really are. Fortuno claims that they are wicked things that eat the hearts of their owners and wear away at their souls. Thinking back to the article on the recent attack victims who have aged so much, Tori wonders if Yuma's soul is truly in danger. Fortuno asks her who Yuma is. Her eyes glaze over in the lightand Tori says Yuma is her friend - and he might be doing something dangerous with the "Numbers". The orb dissipates and Fortuno thanks her for the information. He claims he'll make them into his scapegoats now and leaps backwards. The floor under Tori's feet breaks away and she comes out of her trance in time to scream. The floor under Bronk, Caswell and Flip also breaks, but Cathy jumps up from the rubble and manages to escape. Fortuno just laughs.

Fortuno draws. He activates "Shaman Call", explaining that while he controls two Spellcaster-Type monsters with 0 ATK, this card will let him Summon a "Shaman" monster from his Deck. He Special Summons "Green Shaman". Yuma yells "what!?", but Astral determines why he kept Summoning 0 ATK monsters. Fortuno urges Yuma to witness the great power of the "Numbers" and overlays his three Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon "Shock Master" in Attack Position. Yuma mutters "that's his "Number". Fortuno activates the effect of "Shock Master", detaching an Overlay Unit to declare a type of card. That card type cannot be played by either player until the end of Yuma's next turn. Claiming he can see Yuma's cards, Fortuno declares Trap Card. Yuma yells "it can't be", but the lights from the eyes of "Shock Master" illuminate the Set card as "Bye Bye Damage", before "Shock Master" fires a glowing needle through the card. Fortuno tells him he's lost all chances of evading the attack now. He orders "Shock Master" to attack "Gogogo Golem", who is destroyed as Yuma is thrown backwards and his LP drop to 3500. At the same time, some of the pillar his friends are standing on cracks and falls away. Tori screams and moves backwards, grabbing onto Bronk to steady herself. Fortuno specifies that his friends' lives are tied to his LP - if Yuma loses, the whole pillar will vanish and they will "cry" inside the lava. Fortuno asks that Yuma prostrate himself before his power and that of "Master Kite". Astral glances up at Kite and thinks back to final attack "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" nearly dealt them. Astral says he understands now - he is afraid of Kite.

Turn 2: YumaYuma draws. He then Normal Summons "Gogogo Golem" (4/1800/1500) in Attack Position. As his opponent Summoned an Effect Monster, Fortuno activates the effect of "Orange Shaman" to Special Summon "Red Shaman" (4/0/0) in Attack Position (as it's a "Shaman" monster). "Gogogo Golem" attacks one of the "Shamans", but Fortuno activates his face-down "Dance of the Guardian" to target a card in Yuma's hand and reveal it. If it is a monster, the attack will be negated, the target will be sent to the Graveyard and Fortuno will draw a card. Otherwise, the attack will continue. Yuma's hand contains "Bye Bye Damage", "Nitwit Outwit", "Voltage Summon", "Gagaga Magician" and "Xyz Weight". Fortuno targets and reveals "Gagaga Magician", so the attack of "Gogogo Golem" is negated, "Gagaga Magician" is sent to the Graveyard and Fortuno draws a card. Yuma Sets a card ("Bye Bye Damage").

The use of tangible, non-cash rewards for employees, partners and customers has become a $46 billion plus industry in the United States (Incentive Federation, 2007). This represents more than double the $22.8 billion spend ten years earlier (World Incentives, 2000).

For organizations that aim to leave lasting impressions on employees, customers, partners and others, prepaid cards offer the opportunity for branding and, depending on how they are used, personalization. In these respects at least, they offer better potential return on investment than cash as rewards.

While it appears certain that incentive planners choose to use prepaid cards, in part, because they are easy to administer and popular with recipients, it is unlikely that prepaid cards would be a lasting reward choice if their users felt they were ineffective at driving desired behaviors and outcomes.

While we can only speculate as to why organizations use open prepaid cards, it is useful to revisit the reasons prepaid cards of any sort are popular. Ease of use and flexibility score highly among prepaid card givers. A large part of this is the desire to give something the recipient will perceive as valuable. Open cards offer the greatest flexibility and are afforded the most value by recipients.

Indeed, gift cards have proven popular among recipients, in part because they offer choice (as opposed to specific merchandise items, for example). Given their ultimate flexibility, it is perhaps not surprising that the great majority of prepaid card recipients prefer open cards. In our survey of prepaid card recipients conducted for this research, Figure 5 reveals that of 121 responses, 89 (75%) would prefer an open prepaid card for $50 over a closed (8.5%) or restricted card (0%). Paradoxically, only 17 percent would opt for $50 cash.

An interesting question arises from the results in Figure 5; if open prepaid cards are near cash equivalents why is there so strong a preference for open prepaid cards versus the equivalent cash? If there were no difference between the two, we would expect preferences to be evenly divided, yet the preference gap is wide. This might be partially explained in the behavior (and psychology) of prepaid card recipients.

While the use of closed prepaid cards may be increasing at a slower rate than open cards, they remain the most used type of card (Figure 4). We asked our incentive planners what types of closed cards they give. Consistent with other research we reviewed1 closed prepaid cards for electronics and other merchandise are the most common and desired; and by a wide margin. The least common use for closed prepaid cards is for travel. As above, these results are consistent with other recent research. Perhaps the only surprising finding is that entertainment (including sports, theater, cinema, etc.) is used so sparingly (Table B).

The results in Figure 7 leave little doubt and even more dramatically emphasize the point made in Part One, Figure 5. Given the choice between cash and prepaid cards, prepaid cards are preferred by a ratio of about 7:1. In fact almost half consider prepaid cards to be the best gift or incentive reward of all.

There may be no need for more explanation concerning the preference of prepaid cards over cash than to acknowledge that people respond to both rational and emotional drivers. Further research may be better spent on understanding how incentive program prepaid cards can stimulate emotions to make their use even more memorable, meaningful and attributable. This might further distinguish cards from cash as a lead tool in the design of incentive, reward and recognition systems. Regardless, it is clear that prepaid cards, along with cash, merchandise and travel, are now among the most important and essential ingredients of incentive, reward and recognition programs.

A. On receiving the state and federal criminal history record of a person who is required to be fingerprinted pursuant to this section, the fingerprinting division in the department of public safety shall compare the record with the list of criminal offenses that preclude the person from receiving a level I fingerprint clearance card. If the person's criminal history record does not contain any of the offenses listed in subsections B and C of this section, the fingerprinting division shall issue the person a level I fingerprint clearance card.

D. A person who is awaiting trial on or who has been convicted of committing or attempting to commit a misdemeanor violation of section 28-1381, 28-1382 or 28-1383 in this state or the same or a similar offense in another state or jurisdiction within five years from the date of applying for a level I fingerprint clearance card is precluded from driving any vehicle to transport employees or clients of the employing agency as part of the person's employment. The division shall place a notation on the level I fingerprint clearance card that indicates this driving restriction. This subsection does not preclude a person from driving a vehicle alone as part of the person's employment. 041b061a72

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