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While you are debugging in Visual Studio, you can view strings with the built-in string visualizer. The string visualizer shows strings that are too long for a data tip or debugger window. It can also help you identify malformed strings.

The built-in string visualizers include Text, XML, HTML, and JSON options. You can also open built-in visualizers for a few other types, such as DataSet, DataTable, and DataView objects, from the Autos or other debugger windows.

Value field shows the string value. A blank Value means that the chosen visualizer can't recognize the string. For example, the XML Visualizer shows a blank Value for a text string with no XML tags, or a JSON string. To view strings that the chosen visualizer can't recognize, choose the Text Visualizer instead. The Text Visualizer shows plain text.

A well-formed JSON string appears similar to the following illustration in the JSON visualizer. Malformed JSON may display an error icon (or blank if unrecognized). To identify the JSON error, copy and paste the string into a JSON linting tool such as JSLint.

To start off, you'll need to go to Google Takeout to download your Location History data: on that page, deselect everything except Location History by clicking "Select none" and then reselecting "Location History". Then hit "Next" and, finally, click "Create archive". Once the archive has been created, click "Download". Unzip the downloaded file, and open the "Location History" folder within. Then, drag and drop LocationHistory.json from inside that folder onto this page. Let the visualization begin!

[beta]This functionality is in beta and is subject to change. The design and code is less mature than official GA features and is being provided as-is with no warranties. Beta features are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features. Canvas allows you to create shareables, which are workpads that you download and securely share on a website.To customize the behavior of the workpad on your website, you can choose to autoplay the pages or hide the workpad toolbar.

If you just want to visualize (and search) a json file, Firefox does a pretty good job. I don't have a 40MB file on hand, but it easily handled a 9MB one.

The core usage is pretty formatting large json. I tested Chrome extension JSON View with 25MB json file. It crashes on loading this as a local file or from network. By crash, I mean JSON will not get formatted and on looking into JSON view options, you will get a crash message. I also tried similar addons for firefox. I tried online json formatters as well.

Found this library - jsonpps. Works pretty well to pretty format large json from command line, taking input and saving the formatted json as separate file. It can also save in the same file (need optional parameter)

Here is another example you can download.This has two Regular Expressions and ForEach Controllers.The first RE matches, but the second does not match,so no samples are run by the second ForEach Controller

Additional renderers can be created.The class must implement the interface org.apache.jmeter.visualizers.ResultRendererand/or extend the abstract class org.apache.jmeter.visualizers.SamplerResultTab, and thecompiled code must be available to JMeter (e.g. by adding it to the lib/ext directory).

Alternatively, you can access fictional-stock-quotes.json directly. You can save the resulting JSON files to your local disk, then upload the JSON to an S3 bucket. In my case, the location of the data is s3://athena-json/financials, but you should create your own bucket. The result looks similar to the following screenshot.

You can use the following SQL statement to create the table. The table is then named financials_raw (see (1) in the following code). We use that name to access the data from this point on. We map the symbol and the list of financials as an array and some figures. We define that the underlying files are to be interpreted as JSON in (2), and that the data lives in s3://athena

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