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Buy Arai Helmet Online

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MotoGP and other top motor classes have embraced Arai for years. Riders like Dani Pedrosa, Nicky Hayden, Colin Edwards and John Hopkins found the quality they were looking for in Arai. In addition to the MotoGP, Formula 1 drivers like Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton made good use of Arai helmets. When you go for Arai, you know you are buying a helmet which has been developed and crafted by hand with the utmost care. Your helmet is super safe, very comfortable and exceeds any standard set by other manufacturers.

An Arai helmet is completely handmade from the finest materials to produce the safest and most comfortable helmet. The base of the circular outer shell is made up of super fibre material (supplemented with Kevlar, Nylon, and carbon), of which the fibers are sprayed on a mold. This way the fibres will stick randomly on top of each other, making a much more rigid and harder scale than woven fibers, which is used by most other manufacturers. Although many helmets on the market today are equipped with angular lines in the outer shell, the shell of Arai helmets are actually always round. Those angular outer shells look cool and may add to the aerodynamics of the helmet, but the round shells of Arai have a reason: a smooth and round helmet has a much smaller chance to remain caught on something during a crash or when sliding on the road after falling. Arai's mission is to create the safest and most comfortable helmet. For this reason they see the safety standard of ECE 22.05 and SNELL M2010 as a minimum and not as a goal. Such standards have been developed to ensure a helmet meets the minimum safety requirements, this is not enough for Arai.

At we are proud to be an authorized dealer for the complete range of Arai helmets. Honour is very important to Arai, so the Japanese family took firm commitments to preserve its good name and provide excellent service on their high quality products. Therefore, as an official Arai dealer, we are invited annually by Arai Europe for a comprehensive product training. At we can offer the full Arai service and aftersales. Order your Arai helmet online, 100% safe and with full service. And you can always return your order if you are not satisfied.

We can't promise to always be able to offer a lower price as a lot of products are at our maximum discount anyway - but what have you got to lose If we are not online then leave us a message and we will get back to you within a couple of hours.

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Motorcycle Helmets come in all forms and shapes. The common way to look at helmet is based on their category. Examples of categories are Full-face, Modular, Open-Face, and Off-Road Helmets. The distinction is then made on the shape of the outer shell. Another way to look at helmets is to divide them amongst the Riding Style. Each type of bike usually has one or two types of helmets that you will see a lot amongst this type of rider. There are quite a few different types of riding styles and the choice of helmets is huge. So how do you know which one

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