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throughout the adventure mode, there are many different ways to collect shards and gain experience. the first are the classic "zuma deluxe" stages, when you collect shards from the classic zuma deluxe stages you will collect scarab pieces called "beads". each bead is worth a number of points. when you have collected 10,000 beads on a single life, your bead tokens automatically replenish.

in addition, there are stage-specific beads that you collect on certain levels for that stage. these beads are either from the mummy (which will increase your life meter by one point for every three beads collected) or from a specific god or goddess in the game. for example, the mummy bead is actually found in one of the cups. you are able to collect these beads in many levels if you are collecting that god or goddess's beads, and in each level, the difficulty is the same throughout.

the next style of collecting beads is the hidden palace route. while some are obvious to locate, others (those found in temple stages) need to be found or goggled. each completed stage is also granted bonus beads by the gods who are present that you did not already have by collecting a god's bead on that stage.

other ways to collect beads include beating the level in a specific time limit, beating the level in a certain number of moves, and beating all four of the original stages of that stage. these are represented by the red dots on the purple line on the diagram. each bead collected is based on that bead being a faster of long, medium or short bead, with each level having a different number of these beads available. you can beat the stage in the minimum time, the maximum number of moves, or all four original stages which allows you to collect all the beads, no matter what path you had to take. 3d9ccd7d82

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