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Rodney Milligan
Rodney Milligan

[S3E2] Love Triangles And Love Triumphs


Episode 2: "Love Triangles and Love Triumphs""For one woman, the third shot at love might be the charm. Bartise and Nancy both feel torn between two different people . Two more couples get engaged".

After Bobby and Marie walk down the common alley that evening, Marie asked Bobby about his friends disappearance. Bobby replies that they're with them until they've both ditched them for awhile. Shortly thereafter, Bobby notices the couch and offers her to kiss him again, but Marie declines. Bobby grows more and more infatuated with Marie. But realizing the more he pursues his love, Marie obliges as the pair sits and kisses once again. Unbeknownst to them, Connie is saddened to watch Bobby kisses Marie while she was throwing the trash away in the garbage can. Soon after, the kissing ends, the more Marie pulls away after she realizes that she's late for home when she looks at her watch and leaves with a love-strucked Bobby wishing her a good night.

During at Dinner, Bobby ask Peggy for some rice and plain toast, because Marie is a vegetarian. Hank is irritated about Bobby's relationship with Marie. Bobby explains his parents about his relationship with Marie and make-out. Peggy is shocked and gets Hank to talk with Bobby. Hank, at first explains about vegetarian, but Peggy meant the kissing since Bobby is a minor. Bobby then explains that he's a good kisser that Marie said. Bobby demonstrates his parents how Marie kissed him. Peggy is disgusted at this and retorts that he's only twelve-years old that should be afraid of girls. But Bobby refutes that Peggy is just jealous because she aren't in love like him and Marie. Peggy insists Bobby that he shouldn't be compared with a two days infatuation and with a twenty year marriage. Although, Bobby advises that he and Marie had been kissing for more than two days than his parent's marriage. Bobby also said that he never seen his parents kissed for long time. Peggy claims that Hank had kissed her, much to Hank's annoyance. This dispute arises at the dining table between Peggy and Bobby.

The next day, Hank and Peggy are shopping at Hardware Ranch to buy some tools and supplies. Hank request some clerk for covers to prevent some of the squirrels from the couch. After the clerk leaves to get something for Hank, Peggy tries to hold Hank's hand on the counter until he quickly moves it away and ask her about why she's holding his hand. Peggy reminds Hank that they usually hold their hands together and remembers about their board daylight. Hank responses that his hands are full by grabbing some flashlight and a tool in excuse. Peggy is disappointed and then realizes that they were afraid to show their love for each other. Hank finally holds Peggy's hand and show their love of their relationships. Ironically, a disgusted customer walks by in the distance and tells them off to get some privacy, making both Hank and Peggy release their hands in embarrassment.

They travel to a party in Marie's residence, where Bobby and Marie are dancing with other guests before he eats some snacks from the snack table before asking two boys about this party to be a make-out party, knowing if it then he'll be prepared for it. Unfortunately for him, Bobby is shocked and sickened by the sight of Marie dancing with other boys. Bobby tries to get the other boys away from Marie, but they dismiss him before they go back dancing again. This leading to Bobby to turn off the music and stops the party. Bobby calls Marie's name out loud, causing her to subsequently drag him by his hands outside of her house in embarrassment. Outside of Marie's residence, Bobby demands her about why she's dancing with those other boys, which replies that she likes dancing since she wanted to dance anyway. Bobby still demands that who were those boys and why is he still dancing with all those boys. As his jealous continues, Bobby persist that he and Marie were supposed to be dancing together instead of them. Marie tells Bobby that they are ju

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