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Karine Folina
Karine Folina

Woollyfox is a quaint Ukrainian corner where artistic ingenuity and craftsmanship of handmade treasures are harmoniously intertwined. The architects of this realm are Elena, a caring mother, and her two talented daughters, Julia and Natalia. The tapestry of our workshop's history began in 2016, and at first it was just an acquaintance. But over time, this hobby grew into an all-encompassing passion, organically incorporated into the very fabric of our lives.

With an unwavering belief in the ultimate victory and an unrelenting dedication to our craft, space mobile baby. Our workshop serves as an alchemical chamber where each handmade product becomes a testament to our dedication.

Together we write the next chapters of our narrative, infusing each of our creations with passion and contributing to the unassailable spirit of Ukraine. Together we believe in triumph, tirelessly creating a bright tomorrow.

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