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If you are a fan of the Jumanji movie franchise, you might be interested in playing Jumanji: The Mobile Game, a competitive board game based on the latest film. In this game, you can choose your favorite character, collect skill cards, and explore the wild world of Jumanji. However, you might also face some challenges, such as limited resources, tough opponents, and unpredictable events. That's why some players are looking for Jumanji: The Mobile Game hack mod 2018, a modified version of the game that can give them unlimited jewels and cash, the main currencies in the game.


But is it really possible to hack Jumanji: The Mobile Game? And if so, how can you do it safely and easily? In this article, we will answer these questions and provide you with some tips and tricks on how to enjoy the game without spending a fortune.

What is Jumanji: The Mobile Game hack mod 2018?

Jumanji: The Mobile Game hack mod 2018 is a term that refers to a modified version of the original game that has been altered to give the player some advantages, such as unlimited jewels and cash. These resources can be used to buy more skill cards, upgrade your deck, and unlock new areas and features in the game. With a hacked version of the game, you can also bypass some of the restrictions and limitations that the developers have imposed, such as ads, timers, and energy bars.

There are different ways to obtain a hacked version of Jumanji: The Mobile Game. Some websites offer downloadable APK files that you can install on your Android device. Some online generators claim to inject jewels and cash into your game account without requiring any download or installation. Some tools require you to root or jailbreak your device, while others claim to work on any device without any modification.

Is it safe to use Jumanji: The Mobile Game hack mod 2018?

The short answer is no. Using a hacked version of Jumanji: The Mobile Game can expose you to various risks and dangers, such as:

  • Viruses and malware: Some of the files or tools that claim to hack the game may contain malicious software that can harm your device or steal your personal information. You may also be asked to complete surveys or download other apps that may contain malware or spyware.

  • Bans and suspensions: The developers of Jumanji: The Mobile Game have the right to detect and punish any cheating or hacking activity in the game. If you use a hacked version of the game, you may be banned from playing online or accessing certain features. You may also lose your progress and achievements in the game.

  • Legal issues: Hacking or modifying a game without the permission of the developers is considered a violation of their intellectual property rights. You may face legal consequences if you are caught using a hacked version of Jumanji: The Mobile Game.

How can I play Jumanji: The Mobile Game without hacking?

If you want to enjoy Jumanji: The Mobile Game without risking your device, your account, or your legal status, you should avoid using any hacks or mods for the game. Instead, you should play the game as it was intended by the developers, and use some legitimate tips and tricks to improve your performance and experience. Here are some of them:

  • Choose your character wisely: Each character in Jumanji: The Mobile Game has their own strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Bravestone is good at fighting enemies and controlling territories. Prof. Oberon is good at using animals and cryptology. Ruby Roundhouse is good at dance-fighting and agility. Moose Finbar is good at using weapons and explosives. Choose the character that suits your play style and strategy.

  • Collect and customize your skill cards: Skill cards are essential for winning battles and conquering regions in Jumanji. You can collect skill cards by opening chests, completing missions, or buying them with jewels or cash. You can also upgrade your skill cards by using duplicates or spending cash. Try to create a balanced deck that can deal with different situations and opponents.

  • Explore different regions and maps: Jumanji is a vast and diverse world that offers many challenges and opportunities. You can explore different regions and maps, such as the wetlands, the bazaar, the canyon, and the temple. Each region has its own features, events, and enemies. You can also find new allies, artifacts, and secrets in each region. Be prepared for anything that Jumanji throws at you.

  • Play with friends and rivals: Jumanji: The Mobile Game is a social game that allows you to play with friends and rivals from around the world. You can invite your friends to join your team or challenge them to a friendly match. You can also compete with other players in real-time PVP battles for control over key areas of the jungle. You can also share cards and strategies with other players, and monitor your rank and progress on the leaderboard.


Jumanji: The Mobile Game is a fun and exciting game that lets you experience the adventure of Jumanji on your mobile device. However, you should avoid using any hacks or mods for the game, as they can be dangerous, illegal, and unfair. Instead, you should play the game legitimately, and use some of the tips and tricks we have provided to enhance your gameplay and enjoyment. Remember, the game always finds a way!

For more information about Jumanji: The Mobile Game, you can visit the official website, the Facebook page, the Instagram account, or the Twitter account. You can also download the game from Google Play or App Store. Have fun!

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