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At a demonstration of Voldemort's Death Eaters, the respective Defense and Intelligence heads, Kingsley and Ainsworth, recognize him for the first time. However, adding to their surprise, the creature reveals himself to be Credence Barebone, son of Draco Malfoy. He tells them Credence escapes when the Aurors attack him. Infuriated, Kingsley and Ainsworth send their followers to find and kill Credence.

Credence poses as a young No-Maj house-elf to learn more about Newt's beasts, before using them to attack the Aurors. He captures Newt, and then enlists into his service. Credence remains under the Aurors' control for several days and is eventually sent with Newt and Jacob to Azerbaijan.

Newt and the others kidnap a sorceress from Azerbaijan to retrieve documents from a vault at the Center of the Beater's Army. Jacob later meets Rita Skeeter, who reveals to him that the Aurors report him as a student of Voldie's. As Jacob moves on, he finds Credence, ranting about a prophecy about one named "Once-ler", who will hunt Newt. Credence tells him that he has the ability to draw on the powers of those around him. He says he is "once-less" now, that he can no longer draw on the power of his father, but he can draw on the powers of those who support him. When he grows tired, he forgets about himself and loses some of his abilities. Though naked, Credence would not allow Newt to look at his body. Later, Credence remembers her name and reveals that he had sent her to Newt. He also explains that Newt is the "once-ler" bound to hunt him. d2c66b5586

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