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Navtech Central Europe Mondeo Vnr 9000l

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Navtech Central Europe Mondeo Vnr 9000l

Navtech Central Europe Mondeo Vnr 9000l: A Review of the In-Car Navigation System

If you own a Ford Mondeo from 2000 to 2007, you may have the option of installing a Visteon VNR 9000 navigation system in your car. This system uses a CD-ROM disc with Navtech maps of Central Europe to guide you to your destination. But how well does it work and is it worth buying Here are some pros and cons of the Navtech Central Europe Mondeo Vnr 9000l.


The system has a large color screen that displays clear and detailed maps of Central Europe, including major cities and roads.

The system can also display information about your phone, audio, and telematics features, such as emergency calls, signal strength, and service availability.

The system can store up to 10 destinations in memory and calculate the best route based on your preferences.

The system can also provide voice guidance and turn-by-turn instructions in several languages.

The system can be updated with new discs from Navteq (now HERE), which offer updated maps and points of interest.


The system is expensive to buy and maintain. The original disc can cost up to 300 euros, and the updates can cost up to 200 euros each[^1^].

The system is prone to disc errors and damage. The disc can get scratched, cracked, or corrupted, rendering the system useless[^1^] [^4^]. You may need to use a disc doctor or a copy of the disc to fix it.

The system is not compatible with all mobile phones. You may need a special car kit or module to connect your phone to the system via GSM[^4^]. Some features may not work with newer phones or networks.

The system is not very user-friendly or intuitive. You may need to read the manual carefully to learn how to operate it. Some functions may require multiple steps or buttons to access.

The system is outdated and limited. The maps only cover Central Europe, which may not be enough for some drivers. The graphics and interface are also old-fashioned and lack some modern features, such as touch screen, traffic information, or 3D view.


The Navtech Central Europe Mondeo Vnr 9000l is a decent navigation system for Ford Mondeo owners who want to have an in-car guidance system. However, it is also expensive, fragile, incompatible, and outdated. You may want to consider other alternatives, such as portable GPS devices or smartphone apps, that offer more features, reliability, and affordability.

How to Install the Navtech Central Europe Mondeo Vnr 9000l

If you want to install the Navtech Central Europe Mondeo Vnr 9000l in your Ford Mondeo, you will need to follow these steps:

Make sure your car has the Visteon VNR 9000 navigation system installed. You can check this by looking for a slot for the CD-ROM disc in the dashboard or the glove box.

Buy the Navtech Central Europe Mondeo Vnr 9000l disc from an authorized dealer or online. Make sure it is compatible with your system and your region.

Insert the disc into the slot and wait for the system to recognize it. You may need to enter a code or press a button to confirm.

The system will ask you if you want to update the software and the maps. Choose yes and wait for the process to complete. Do not turn off the car or eject the disc during this time.

Once the update is done, the system will restart and display the new maps. You can now use the navigation system as usual.

How to Use the Navtech Central Europe Mondeo Vnr 9000l

To use the Navtech Central Europe Mondeo Vnr 9000l, you will need to follow these steps:

Press the NAV button on the system or on the steering wheel to enter the navigation mode.

Select your destination by using the rotary knob or the keypad. You can enter an address, a point of interest, a city, or a memory location.

Select your route preferences by using the menu button. You can choose between fastest, shortest, or economical route, as well as avoid tolls, ferries, or motorways.

Press the start button to begin navigation. The s

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