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the comedy is spontaneous, the style, the improvisation are all there, it's a great show, at least in my opinion. but i must admit, i've seen many such hindi movies before, and some of them never fail to generate a good laugh.

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however, in the final analysis, most of these hindi remakes are raves and runs, simply because the movies have not bothered to explore the minds and hearts of the character they are trying to emulate. they just look to their laurels. instead of strengthening the flick with the adaptations made, the writers seem to have written everything as it is in the malayalam original, or based on a classic hindi comedy rather than a study of a character.

akshay kumar is capable of do better. i effectively looked at his serials in my youthful days (sunny deol, dev anand, dilip kumar, and rajesh khanna) and i only adored the earlier works. he doesnt appear like he has observed much improvement yet.

the film is a humorous political satire and comedy by priyadarshan, which was released in 2010. this movie was an absolute laughter riot much like the other priyadarshan classics. while the film was a hit at the time of its release, memes templates from khatta meetha have also become popular amongst memers, netizens and social media users in the recent times.

in fact, they had delivered three more solid hits, garam masala, bhagam bhag & bhool bhulaiyaa, while also scoring a decent success with de dana dan. hence, expectations were quite good from khatta meetha as well.