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The Alcoholic: Professor Chura. She drank all of Gran's special snakebite home-brew without breaking a sweat. Beach Episode: Episode 6. Only the tourists sunbathe though; the locals know better. Bifauxnen: Nanafa gets a crush on one off-screen. She doesn't find out the person in question is a girl until the end of the episode. Cool Big Sis: Nao. Gorgeous, popular, and charismatic. She also cares deeply about her sisters. Cool Old Lady: The grandmother. When the spirits are messing up Kokona's school's Sports Day, she drop-kicks them without a second thought. The crowd even applauds afterwards. Crossover: With Moe Anthropomorphism of Ultra Series' kaiju in episode 20. Cute Clumsy Girl: Every time Iina tries to do something, she'll trip or slip, and revert back to her shiisaa form. Kokona's friend Mimi trips over a rock in her first appearance, and she is also stupidly cute. Professor Chura is also a cute klutz. In rapid succession, she hits her head with a piece of chalk, she drops all of her books in the hallway, and pulls somebody's pants down trying to get back up. Even the Girls Want Her: Nao seems very popular with her (female) underclassmen. Exotic Eye Designs: The water spirit has stars for pupils. Fire-Breathing Diner: Niina and Raana, after stealing some super-spicy candies. Ghost Story: Two are told in episode 9. The spirits are terrified of them. Hitodama Light: The grandfather's ghost has these. Idiot Crows: When Iina tries (and fails) to throw a baseball. I See Dead People: Kokona can see her grandfather's ghost, as can her friend Mimi. The Klutz: Iina. She broke her leg trying to throw a baseball. Little Big Sister: Niina to Raana. Noblewoman's Laugh: Iina and Nanafa's friend Takako both laugh like this, complete with hand gesture. Ojou: Takako's family owns a super-conglomerate, and she buys Nanafa a castle as a birthday present. Ojou Ringlets: Takakao, naturally. Our Ghosts Are Different: The grandfather's ghost hovers around, silent and unseen by the family. Palette Swap: The characters tend to change colors for no clear reason. Potty Emergency: Episode 11 turns into this when the restaurant toilet breaks and everyone has to share one bathroom. School Swimsuit: The main component of Raana's outfit. Serious Business: If there's a baseball game on TV, the streets (and restaurants) of Okinawa are deserted, and phone calls are ignored. Sick Episode: Episode 10. The girls do everything in their power to help Nanafa get over her cold. Slice of Life Title Drop: Nearly every episode starts with a character saying "haitai". Took a Level in Badass: Professor Chura, thanks to Takako's Training from Hell. Trademark Favorite Food: Wood spirits' favorite food is eyeballs. Training from Hell: Professor Chura gets Takako to do this to make her a better teacher. 59ce067264

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