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An Ambiguous Report About The End Of The World

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I came home from work today and my neck was just killing me, so I aggressively set about to watch this two and a half hour long Jakubisko film that I've been dying to see. It was very worth it, lying on a couch in a young man's agony as generations of a fantastical world pass before my eyes.

These questions lead to a conversation between Helen and her own daughter in which she must answer for his past. When the BCR claim a major victory in California and hijack Nazi television, Jennifer (Genea Charpentier) is brought to tears when she realizes her parents built their success on the deaths of minorities through concentration camps. "There are some scenes we saw coming from the beginning and that was definitely one of them," Scarpa explains. "There's a lot that has gone unspoken on the show: What happened to African-Americans What happened to Jews What happened to LGBTQ people The other thing that's really not talked about in this world is what were the Smiths' complicity in it We wanted to build up to this final scene so that, finally, all the things that were left unsaid have to be said."

In case you didn't know, The End of the F***ing World isn't, in fact, about the literal end of the world. Although its title sounds apocalyptic, it actually doesn't take place in some dystopian future. When does it take place Let's take a look now that we're in the second season.

Northern territories between Japan and Czarist Russia had not been fixed. Russia proposed negotiation to Japan. British Minister Parkes had advised Tokyo take the Kuriles, because Britain, which had been in rivalry in three parts of the world, Crimea, Afghanistan, and the Korean Penisula, wanted the long chain of barren islands to be in Japanese handsin order to deny Russian access to the North Pacific Ocean. The two countries signed the Treaty of Saint Petersberg in 1875, Japan taking the whole of the Kuriles and Russia the whole of Sakhalin. At Yalta in February 1945 Roosevelt and Stalin agreed that the latter start war on Japan within three months after the defeat of Germany on the condition that Russia take the Japanese Manchurian interests and the Kuriles. The four islands that Japan has been claiming were not included in the Saint Petersberg Treaty; they were considered by the two countries a part that constituted Hokkaido, the Japanese northermost island.Chinese envoys had to rely on Okinawan (Ryukyu) pilots on their way to and back home from Okinawa. The then ex-US President Grant on a round-the-world trip went to Beijing in June 1979, where he was asked by Li Hongzhan for mediation with Japan. He came to Tokyo in July and asked the Japanese leaders to give a few Okinawan islands. After much deliberation the Japaned agreed to give over two islands, Miyako and Yaeshima including the Senakaku. Beijing was pleased and the two countries actually agreed to the draft of the treaty. Only signatures remained to be done for it to be effective, just then Beijing thought twice. They calculated that Japan was frightened with advancing Russia so they could gain the advantage of time and obtain far more. Li did not make any protest about the Senkaku in the peace talks which ended the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 - 95. The Chinese communists expected to be invited to the San Fraicisco Peace Conference with Japan, representing China. In May 15, 1950, only seven and a half months after the declaration the People's Republic of China, they met to discuss which attitude to take in California of whether the Senkaku Islands were Japanese or Taiwanese. The paper of ten pages was prepared for mulling, in which the Japanese words Senkaku, not the Chinese words Diaoyu, were used throughout. Zhou Enlai said in the August 15, 1951, issue of the People's Daily that the Senkaku historically belonged to Japan. The People's Daily introduced the Senakaku, not Diaoyu, in its January 8, 1953, issue as the island group of the Okinawan Islands and said that China should hel

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