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Jack Torres
Jack Torres

Angry Indian Goddesses Film Full Movie Free Download ##HOT##

India, like every other film industry in the world, suffers from a significant shortage of films featuring women in leading roles. I'm not talking about women's films, chick flicks, or other films that celebrate women by exaggerating feminity to conform with male fantasies. I'm just talking about regular old movies with leading women who don't have any men to answer to. Even those films that do exist -- think Sex & the City, Bridesmaids, etc... -- largely predicate their existance upon how the women involved relate to men. Thankfully, Pan Nalin's new film Angry Indian Goddesses largely ignores the preset rules about what women's films should be and delivers a film in which women are characters instead of archetypes interacting with one another.

Angry Indian Goddesses film full movie free download

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