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Net Reflector 8

The reflector is also a fantastic feature of exporting and importing assembly source code to an XML file, as shown in the following. You are able to optionally include or eliminate additional .NET native assemblies, such as System and System. Numerics as well within the Reflector. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Net Reflector 8

The high performance GRZ122 allows connectivity to the Leica SmartAntenna. The built-in point allows the reflector to be positioned directly on a survey mark at a height of 78mm. 3D pointing accuracy: 2.0mm. ATR range: 600m.

I'm in the same boat, I've used Lutz' Reflector since I first found it YEARS ago, I don't remember when to be honest. I remember watching him progressively release new versions and I love what you could (and still can) do with it. I was sad that he decided to stop supporting it but at least he made sure that someone else would continue to support it, and still for free no less. The fact that RedGate is now not only going to be charging a fee for the next version (v7) but are also going be time-bombing v6, it's like a slap in the face. If it's proven inviable to continue to support and improve on Reflector, I agree with the opinion that they should have passed the torch to someone else willing to continue to develop it or even open it up to the community. That's how they got it in the first place, so they should honor it's origins.Let me be clear, I don't mind that they charge for their tools, if they had developed Reflector from the start for free and then decided they needed to charge for it, that'd be fine to me. But the fact is they didn't develop it, it was handed to them on a silver platter with a preexisting user base. I personally don't believe they have the right to charge for it. If they were really confident in the value their improvements add (which they claim to be the reason for the cost change), they wouldn't have felt the need to timebomb the previous version. To me it's a pretty sleazy way of doing business.Personally, I think they should open the reflector project up to the community, I believe that would be the best thing for the tool. Baring that they should at least remove the timebomb on v6, and let their price of v7 speak for the improvements they have added. If they are really worth the 35$ for v7 over v6 people will still buy it, and lastly I think Lutz had better be getting a portion of that 35$ licencing fee.

I found reflector to be priceless for me a month or two ago when I had to reflect out one of our data layer DLLs because LINQ2SQL hardcoded the connection string as an attribute in it instead of looking at the web.config. Good thing too, because it was pointed to the test instead of the production database!

Here's a company that, although it didn't attract a lot of attention at the time, incorporated some of today's most sought-after features into their Augen 170 back in 1965. The Augen 170 was a convertible 4-inch Newtonian-Cassegrain reflector that rode atop a fork equatorial mount. A clock drive that ran on either 12 volts DC or 115 volts AC came built into the mount's base, a concept that subsequently proved very popular in 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, still several years in the future.

The only way you can have a peek view into what is processing and use a reflector and look into EPiServer.Commerce.Internal.Migration.dll, but we do many things there- APIs, sql scripts,... to ensure the data is updated correctly, if necessary. If you get an error in the migration - I would suggest to contact our support service. I suspect it might be a configuration error, but until we can see what went wrong and why, I can't say anything for sure.

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