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Release Your Brakes Pdf !!TOP!!

"Five stars. . . . A proved system that explains anddemonstrates, in a fascinating and easy-to-read manner, how to usewhat you already possess to perform at your maximum. . . . In 20powerful chapters, you will learn how your self-image acts verymuch like the setting of a thermostat, how your inner feelings ofworth and value as a person have a direct impact on your ability tofunction effectively, how to use the talents you already have tocommunicate better with others, how to allow your innate creativeabilities to flow more easily and how to respond to the realpressures of your life in a positive way. You will also be shownthe qualities which help you function more effectively and a simpletechnique for learning how to relax whenever you want to do so.There are two chapters, 'Constructive Imagination and 'How to UseConstructive Imagination,' which by themselves are worth 50 timesthe price of this book." Og Mandino, Success Unlimited

Release Your Brakes Pdf

ForewordI first met Jim Newman when my wife, Lois, and Ienrolled in a PACE Seminar a few years ago. At the time I wasstarring in two of the longest running series in broadcast history,serving on the boards of directors of seven national corporations,actively heading up a half dozen businesses of my own, and enjoyinglife with a family of five. In short, I was financially successful,professionally secure, and socially responsible. So what was Idoing in middle age going "back to school"? And, most surprising tomost of my associates, what was I doing at this point in my lifetrying to learn how to be more effective? It's really quite simple.I believe none of us should ever stop growing, learning, changing,and being curious about what's going to happen next. None of us isperfect, so we should be eager to learn more and try to be moreeffective persons in every part of our lives. Nobody grows old byliving a certain number of years. People can grow old at sixteen ifthey desert their ideals, let their thinking become clouded withpessimism, or permit worry, self-doubt, fear, and anxiety toprevent them from taking risks. Therefore, I believe that this bookcould be a "fountain of youth"keeping one's thinking alive,elastic, and expanding, no matter what the calendar says. This bookcould easily be one of the most important events of your life. Itis not a compilation of high-flown phrases, noble-soundingphilosophy, and ego-soothing cliches. Hundreds of thousands of menand women have attended PACE Seminars over the years and personallyvalidated the concepts and techniques about which Jim writes. Eachchapter is a sort of roadmap for a more effective life, helping youto decide where you want to go and how to get there. The chancesare that you have attended some kind of a "how to" seminar. Nodoubt you have read at least one book dedicated to rekindling yourenthusiasm for life. You may think you've heard it all before.Buttake my word for itTHIS book can change your life. And, sincechange and growth are essential to a rewarding life, release YOURbrakes and start right now to accelerate your movement through theyears ahead.

The conscious mental processes Four primarily consciousprocesses which account for a major segment of your behavior, andwhich function as the "programmer" in the development of yoursubconscious "REALITY" structure.

Take charge of your lifeChange, in your self and in your life,is inevitable. You are guiding that process of change, and you havebeen doing so all of your life, by intent or by default. Now is thetime to decide what you want to accomplish, what kind of person youwant to become and make it happen, deliberately, intentionally.

Potential and performance The key to more effective, productiveuse of your potential is to be found in the emotional patternswhich you have adoptedhow you feel about yourself, your job, yourfamily, and the rest of the world which surrounds you.

You tend to act like yourself 107The most important segment ofyour "REALITY" structure is the combination of information andfeelings you have about yourself, and that selfimage acts very muchlike the setting on a thermostat:

You are "they" You are a creature of choice, and you live withthe consequences of your behavior. How you feel about that causeand effect principle is either releasing o*r limiting your use ofyour potential.

Building better bridges You know a lot more about how tocommunicate with other people than you act like you know. Here isthe key emotional pattern which will help you to achieve higherlevels of understanding in all of your relationships.

There is a better way All human beings are creative by nature.Here are some ways that you can allow your innate creativeabilities to flow more easily and more consistently to help yousolve the puzzles of your life.

Pressureturn-on or tie-up? 259Top performers in any field ofendeavor are usually under the greatest pressures, yet they seem todo their best when the pressure is most intense. Here's how torespond to the real pressures of your life in a more positive,productive way.

You are changing the world As you direct and manage change inyourself and the various groups of which you are a partand as youhelp others to release their potentialyou are changing the world.How, and in what direction, are you affecting the future of thehuman race?

in some areas, more subtle in others, but the one predictionthat we can make about you is that a year from today you will bedifferent. Back to the all-important questionhow do you feel aboutthat? Get in touch with your emotions for a moment. As you looktoward the future, are you excited about the prospect of change inyourself and your world? Or do you find yourself a littleapprehensive, fearful because you are not quite sure whichdirection that inevitable process of change is going to take? Ifthe prospect strikes you as a little scary, you're certainly notalone. The unknown can be very frighteningespecially if you arepretty sure that you cannot do much about it. I hope to convinceyou in the pages that follow that you can do something about yourfuture. You can do a lot about it in fact. Oh yes, there will bemany unexpected, unpredictable events in your lifeevents over whichyou have little or no control. But even in those areas, you havethe ability to determine and manage your reaction to what'shappening. Your decisions, your actions-and your reactionsarecreating your future. Within the framework of your own uniquepotential, you are guiding and directing your destiny, by intent orby default! The goal of this book is to provide you with a verysimple but comprehensive method for guiding and managing theinevitable process of change so that you can accomplish the thingsthat you want to accomplish in life a lot more easily, become thekind of person you really want to be, with an increased sense ofjoy and personal fulfillment in the process. A participant in oneof our PACE (Personal and Company Effectiveness) Seminars summed itall up very simply. Paul and Gretchen had just bought a smallforeign sports car, and on the week-end preceding the Seminar theyhad driven down the California coasdine in their new car, revelingin the pleasure of the new addition to their environment. As theymade their way down the coast and back, while one drove the otherread aloud from the owner-operator manual. They 16

How do you feel about the fact that you are constantly changing?Of course, you know that you are different today than you were ayear agoeven six months ago. You have only to look at a photographor the home movies that were taken last Christmas. But those arethe physical changes that show up in photographsthe differences inweight, hair, style of clothing. How about the rest of youthebehavioral part of your system? Can you see that you are tliinkingand acting differently now than a year ago, or five years ago?Differently than yesterday! Changephysical, emotional change inyour abilities and in your relationships with your worldisabsolutely inevitable! It has been in the past, and even moreimportant, it will be in the future. The experiences of each dayhave an effect on your personality, your outlook, and yourreactions to the opportunities which you encounter. Of course,you-a-year-from-now will be a lot like youtoday in many ways. Butthere will be some very important differences, too. The changes maybe dramatic 15

studied the various dials, knobs, and control levers, knowingthat the more they understood about the automobile the more likelythey were to take proper care of it and use it properly for manyyears to come. With this experience vividly in mind from the recentweek-end, Paul told the Seminar group that the whole PACEexperience seemed to them like an owner-operator manual for thehuman system. As you move through the pages ahead, it may help ifyou think of this book as an owner-operator manual for your system,designed to help you understand yourself a lot better, to takebetter care of your whole system so that it will functioneffectively and take you where you want to go, quickly andenjoyably. With this owneroperator manual comes the PACE tool kitwith which to "tune up" and enhance your own personaleffectiveness, health, and happiness. Let me put this another way.If you just let the inevitable process of change happen in its "ownway," take your chances with it, the end result may turn out verywellor it could be disastrous. But it is not necessary to driftalong like a feather in the breeze and hope that everything willturn out all right, that you will be "lucky." You are not "stuckwith" the conditioning and habits of your past, nor do you need toallow others to determine your future. "They" are not in charge ofyour future! One of the most limiting attitudes a person canpossibly have is, "Well, that's just the way I am." You can decidewhere you want to go, what you want to becomean then deliberatelyguide the process of change in that direction. This book is goingto show you exactly how to do that. What are the results that youcan expect from reading this book? That is a little difficult forme to tell you right now, because the book will mean somethingdiferent to each person who reads it. I don't know (and right nowyou probably don't either) just which areas of your life you willwant to change. You will be making some decisions about that as wego along. But I can tell you this: When you have finished readingRelease Your Brakes! you will know a lot more about how to moveyour life in the direction that you want it to go. The 17

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