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Download ((EXCLUSIVE)) The Blueberry Hunt Movie In Mp4 Dubbed Hindi


Download ((EXCLUSIVE)) The Blueberry Hunt Movie In Mp4 Dubbed Hindi

Download The Blueberry Hunt Movie In Mp4 Dubbed Hindi

The Blueberry Hunt is an Indian-Canadian thriller film directed by Anup Kurian and starring Naseeruddin Shah, Vipin Sharma, Aahana Kumra, PJ Unnikrishnan, Yadu Sankalia, Vinay Forrt, and Kartik Elangovan. The film had a nationwide theatrical release in India on April 8, 2016. [^1^]

The film centers on a recluse known as "Colonel" and the final five days when Colonel's plantation of a high potency variant of marijuana called 'Blueberry Skunk' gets ready for harvest. The film explores the themes of survival, betrayal, and revenge in a remote and lush green estate bordering the forest on the high altitudes of Vagamon, Kerala. [^2^]

If you are looking for a way to download The Blueberry Hunt movie in mp4 dubbed Hindi, you can try the following options:

Visit the official site of the film and check if they have any download links or streaming options available. [^3^]

Search for online platforms that offer Hindi dubbed versions of the film, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. Make sure you have a subscription or a valid account to access the content. [^3^]

Look for torrent sites that have the film available for download in mp4 dubbed Hindi. However, be aware that this may be illegal and risky as you may encounter viruses, malware, or legal issues. [^3^]

We hope you enjoy watching The Blueberry Hunt movie in mp4 dubbed Hindi.Here are some more details about The Blueberry Hunt movie:

The film was shot on location in Vagamon, Kerala. The director Anup Kurian said that he wanted to capture the beauty and mystery of the place, which he felt was ideal for a thriller. He also said that he was inspired by the works of Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino, and the Coen brothers.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its cinematography, music, and performances, especially by Naseeruddin Shah, who played the role of Colonel with intensity and charisma. Others criticized the film for its slow pace, lack of clarity, and weak plot.

The film also had a cameo appearance by Mohanlal, who played himself in a scene where he meets Colonel at a hotel. Mohanlal agreed to do the cameo as a gesture of friendship to Anup Kurian, who had worked with him in his debut film Manasarovar. Here are some more details about The Blueberry Hunt movie:

The film has a runtime of 110 minutes and features a soundtrack composed by Paresh Kamath and Naresh Kamath, who are known for their fusion music. The film also has a song sung by Naseeruddin Shah, who is also a trained singer.

The film was nominated for the Best Feature Film award at the New York Indian Film Festival in 2016. It also won the Best Cinematography award at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival in 2017.

The film is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in India and other countries. You can also buy or rent the film on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and other platforms. ec8f644aee

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