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Biopharmaceutics And Pharmacokinetics By Venkateswarlu Pdf Download WORK

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pharmacokinetic study was performed in rabbits with single oral dose of 20 mg/kg body weight of the prepared formulations. plasma levels of active ingredient were analyzed by hplc and results are shown in table 6. the pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated based on kinetic and statistical models.

pharmacokinetic study was conducted in rabbits with single oral administration of the best formulation of bg based metoprolol succinate (i.e., mbg 2) to compare with marketed tablet metoprolol cr (60 mg). figure 2 shows the plasma concentrationtime profile of bg from all the prepared formulations. the results demonstrate that for the optimized formulation mbg 2, the cmax and tmax are 36.92 μg/ml and 2.71 h, respectively, which are reduced 69.5% and 61.6% compared to marketed tablet metoprolol cr (60 mg). however, the auc of the optimized formulation of mbg 2 was found to be reduced 40.5% compared to metoprolol cr. the results showed that drug release from the prepared formulation of mbg 2 was sustained for 8 h, whereas metoprolol cr has shown the maximum extent of release in 1.5 h. this suggested prolonged release of bg with a smaller initial burst release from the optimized formulation of mbg 2 as compared to metoprolol cr. hence, the in vivo performance of the optimized bg formulation was improved compared to marketed formulation. badam gum: a natural polymer in mucoadhesive drug delivery. design, optimization, and biopharmaceutical evaluation of badam gum-based metoprolol succinate buccoadhesive tabletsall authors chaithanya krishna mylangam, sudhakar beeravelli, jyothi medikonda, jagannadha subrahmanyam pidaparthi & venkata ramana murthy kolapalli published online:14 may 2014table 6. pharmacokinetic parameters of bg based metoprolol succinate tablets (means.d., n=5). download csv display table 3d9ccd7d82

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