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Ayyappa Songs Lyrics In Tamil Pd

Ayyappa Songs Lyrics In Tamil Pdf

Ayyappa, also known as Sastha, Hariharaputra, or Ayyanar, is a Hindu deity who is worshipped by devotees of different faiths and traditions. He is believed to be the son of Shiva and Vishnu (in his female form as Mohini) and the guardian of the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. Ayyappa is also revered as a symbol of dharma, unity, and harmony among people.

One of the most popular ways of expressing devotion to Ayyappa is by singing his songs or bhajans. These songs are usually sung during the pilgrimage to Sabarimala, which is undertaken by millions of devotees every year. The songs praise the glory, grace, and power of Ayyappa and seek his blessings and protection. They also narrate the stories and legends associated with Ayyappa and his devotees.

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Many of these songs are composed in Tamil, which is one of the oldest and most widely spoken languages in India. Tamil is also rich in literature, culture, and spirituality. Some of the famous singers who have sung Ayyappa songs in Tamil are K. Veeramani, T.M. Soundararajan, K.J. Yesudas, S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Unnikrishnan, and many others.

For those who want to learn and sing Ayyappa songs in Tamil, there are many online resources that provide the lyrics in Tamil script and transliteration. One such resource is [], which has a huge collection of Ayyappa songs lyrics in Tamil. The website also provides the meanings and explanations of some of the songs, as well as audio and video links for listening and watching.

One can also download the pdf version of some of the Ayyappa songs lyrics in Tamil from []. For example, one can download the pdf file of [Ayyappan Tamil Songs], which contains 192 Ayyappa songs lyrics in Tamil with English translation. The pdf file also has some pictures and illustrations related to Ayyappa worship.

Another pdf file that can be downloaded from [] is [Loka Veeram Mahapoojyam], which is a famous Ayyappa namaskara slokam or salutation verse sung by K. Veeramani. The pdf file has the lyrics in Tamil script, transliteration, and English translation.

These pdf files are very useful for those who want to read, learn, and sing Ayyappa songs in Tamil. They can also be printed or saved on mobile devices for easy access. Singing Ayyappa songs in Tamil can help one to connect with the divine presence of Ayyappa and experience his love and grace.

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